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Living Near the High Park Fire

Updated on July 1, 2012

Update: July 1, 2012

The High Park fire has been fully contained.

Sadly, 259 homes were lost and one person was killed since the fire began on June 9th.

We are turning our attention to the fire about 2 1/2 hours drive away from us (in Colorado Springs) - and sending prayers and rain their way! Unfortunately the Waldo Canyon Fire has taken over the distinction of the most destructive in Colorado History. 346 homes have been destroyed and 2 people killed.

Sending RAIN and prayers their way!!!

Update June 26, 2012 : My friend's home...

55% Contained - June 26, 2012

As of today, the fire is said to be 55% contained. We had rain on the night of June 24th, but it didn't quite reach the fire area! In fact, lightning struck, causing another blaze that was thankfully quickly contained! 257 homes lost. 87,250 acres burned.

There are more than 1,000 people still evacuated.

Some good news: People have been reuniting with their pets, thanks to CSU Veterinary Teaching hospital. More than 50 reunions have been completed. At least 109 small animals were taken in, with more being housed at other facilities in the Ft. Collins area.

I'm ready for this to be over. Love and hugs and prayers for a successful recovery and new start for those who have lost their homes, including my friend.

Rain, rain, rain...

11 days ago (As of June 21, 2012)

Too Close for Comfort

Evacuation Area
Evacuation Area
Several days ago
Several days ago
Smoke scene from Estes Park
Smoke scene from Estes Park

June 21, 2012 Update

The fire is now said to be 55% contained. 1,978 brave and tireless firefighters have been working in 24 hr. shifts to get the fire under control. The heat and wind fluctuation hasn't been helping them.

Hundreds have been evacuated, with many now able to return to their homes.

The fire has now consumed 68,200 acres, 189 homes, and is estimated to have caused $19.6 million in damages.

What I hadn't heard before, and was very curious about, is that it was a "lightening sparked blaze."

Thank you for your comments, prayers and encouragement. One wonderful 100% containment rainfall would be most welcome!!! Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

June 18, 2012 - Praying for RAIN!

It was an eery feeling going out for Father's Day dinner yesterday. There was so much smoke in the air, that it burned my throat. I could see ashes floating all around my family as we walked into a Ft. Collins restaurant.

I know we are lucky to still be in our home and able to venture out for a celebratory dinner. Many friends have been much more severely affected by the High Park fire.

Hundreds have been evacuated.

Some have been able to safely return to their homes, while new evacuations are still taking place.

As of last night, 56,480 acres have been destroyed.

One-hundred eighty-one homes were burned to the ground. This makes it the most destructive fire in Colorado history. My heart is hurting for those who have lost their homes, and for those displaced and wondering if they will have a home to go back to when this is over.

The good news is that 529 residences have been protected by firefighters and as of this morning, the High Park fire has been 45% contained. Thank you to all of the brave people working to put out this devastating blaze. 1,600 firefighters are doing their best to save homes and lives.

Personally, I am praying for RAIN!


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    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 5 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Epigramman, Oh thank you so very much for your kind words! We are almost "contained" here - but Boulder and Colo Springs fires are still terrorizing people. I really appreciate your concern and empathy. Much needed. Thank you again! :)

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 5 years ago

      I can see why my latest poem - The little cloud that cried -means so much to you and your family and friends - I am crying right now because of this - what a tremendous loss - what a tremendous tragedy - my heart goes to to you in a time like this - please keep in touch and let me know of any further developments - lake erie time ontario canada on this Canada Day/Sunday and sending you warm wishes and good energy and godspeed too - 12:09pm

    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 5 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Thank you Angela!

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Amazing pictures scarey situation! Thanks for sharing! I will share this!

    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 5 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Snowdrops - thank you for commenting! We would settle for "snowdrops" too - lots and lots. :)

    • snowdrops profile image

      snowdrops 5 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

      Oh my..a wildfire. that's soo terrible.

      Ps: i love the last picture, the green paradise..

    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 5 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Thanks, Mike! From your comment to God's ears. ;)

    • mckbirdbks profile image

      mckbirdbks 5 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      The word is out, we need rain in your neck of the woods.