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Loch Ness Monster

Updated on April 27, 2017

The early years

During the Great Depression there wasn't much for the people of the world to celebrate or be interested in other than trying to make it through the day without starving to death. Around this time the world started to take notice of what is affectionately called The Loch Ness Monster or "Nessie" for short.

From that time till today reports have continued with people still saying that they see this animal either at the waters surface or, incredibly, on the lands around the lake.

From end to end the lake is 22.5 miles long, it's about 443 feet deep in most areas however the deepest point in the lake is 775 feet deep.

The creature is thought to be a type of Plesiosaur that somehow survived extinction and has been living in the Loch ever since. Though many skeptics have thrown out the possibility of something being in the lake because it would have to be a large breeding group and it would be seen more often at the surface of the lake.

This author personally does believe it's possible there is a creature in the lake and does believe the creature is making it out of the lake to the ocean via tunnels from the lake to the ocean. It was recently discovered that it is possible that at least the lake is deeper then originally thought.

Sadly, as with any creature unproven to the world there are scam artists trying to make money off of it. The most popular in this case being a Dr. Kenneth Wilson who claimed to see the creature from the shore, grabbed his camera and snapped five shots of what he said were the creature. It was later proven December 7th, 1975 that he had lied in hopes of making a few bucks.

It's important to remember though that, just because a few scam artists tried to make a few bucks that doesn't discredit all people who ever claim to see the creature.

Nessie today

If people today are interested they can watch the lake from a webcam set up in hopes of capturing the creature on camera for the first time and proving to the world what some claim is the truth. Nothing conclusive has been captured on the webcam but, wouldn't you like to be the first to capture it?

Not to long ago even Apple Corp got in on the Loch Ness Monster debate after it captured what some are saying is conclusive evidence there is something large in the lake after all. Keep in mind the entrance to the lake is not wide enough for a whale or a shark to enter the lake, as some have claimed. So how would something as big as what is in that picture get into the lake? Could there be tunnels leading from the ocean to the lake? Or is it possible that is the wake of a boat and due to reflection the image of the boat was not caught on camera?

However, as with any mysterious creature that hasn't been proven, or disproven, no one has put forth evidence that shows without a doubt that there is a giant dinosaur type of creature living in modern Scotland.

A markerloch ness lake, scottland -
Loch Ness, Highland, UK
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    • profile image

      Moral Man 11 months ago

      The Lochness monster exists. It could be a population of some kind of fish such as an eel, or a cetacean or whale living in freshwater, or a Sirenian(Manatees, the Dugong, and Steller's Sea cow), a longneck seal or Pinniped, or a Plesiosaur which survived extinction. Lochness is large, deep, and dangerous. The Lochness monster can be violent and dangerous if approached and touched.

      The Lochness monster is similar to Champ of Lake Champlain,Morgawr of Cornwall, England, and the Lukwata of Lake Victoria, Africa. All have long necks. The Lukwata also has humps on its back as does the Lochness monster. The Lukwata is aggressive, makes bellowing roars, kills and eats large crocodiles, and kills any other animal and any human it can catch. Sir Clement Hill saw one in 1900. The Lukwata is a meaner version of the Lochness monster. All of these lake monsters are scary and dangerous and people should be warned to avoid going in the water. I find these animals to be extremely scary. There's no way I would ever venture on the water knowing such monsters exist. Instead of sending people in boats and instead of sending divers to investigate and photograph these animals, underwater cameras could be installed.