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Best School Locker Organizers

Updated on January 17, 2011

One of the keys to success in school and life is organization. Having a system or a place for everything you need saves time and creates space - in your mind - to think about the more important things that need to get done. An overcrowded locker with books, clothes and papers simply shoved in will only cause you problems (like lost assignments) and lost time. How long do you spend searching through the mess to find what you need or what you needed 10 minutes ago?

It is time to get yourself organized and get the mess under control!

Locker organizers allow you to instantly create more usable space in your locker so you can easily fit all of your supplies and books neatly. No need to worry about losing important papers in a messy locker! A well organized locker will let you access all of your books and papers quickly, as well as store extra clothing, musical instruments or art supplies.

There are dozens of organizing products to choose from. Some of them work wonders, some of them may fall apart by October. Shop carefully!

The Hanging Locker Organizer
The Hanging Locker Organizer

Evaluate Your Organizing Needs

To choose the best locker organizer for your needs, consider exactly what you will need to store throughout the year. Do you need to simply store your books and school supplies? Or will you need to fit a heavy winter coat in your locker in the colder months? Do you need to fit a musical instrument or sporting equiptment in there as well?

Make a complete list of everything you can think of that will need to be stored in your locker over the coming year. What type of organizer will best fit your needs?

The hanging locker organizer to the left has space for everything. It is expandable and will fit half size lockers as well. Additionally, it has mesh pockets to hold small items, so nothing will get lost inside a messy locker. This locker organizer will help even the most disorganized student find a place for everything.

Do you need a full size locker organizer that will fill the locker top to bottom and organize every inch of space, or something smaller to simple organize your small supplies? Try to get a clear idea of what you would like to accomplish before you buy anything. Some of the organizers may look like they will do the trick, but in reality, they may take up more of your precious space than they will save!

If your needs fall somewhere in the middle, consider using locker shelves at the bottom of the locker and a smaller organizer for your top shelf, or maybe an over-the-door or magnetic locker accessory. Find a combination that will work for the size locker you are given.

Develop a system for keeping your locker neat and using your organizer the way it was intended on a daily basis. It may take a little while to get used to spending an extra 30 seconds arranging things in the morning, but your day will go more smoothly if you don't have to interrupt it with a mad search for a book or assignment that you've misplaced.

Shop wisely and have fun getting your locker clear and organized!


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