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Long Term Lesson Plan on Reading for Elementary School Grades

Updated on February 23, 2012

Reading should be treated as an art of discovery through many different learning methods (literature, games, enrichment, activities, exhibits, etc.,) However, there should also be a base in which one could start a lesson and supplement it. A teacher could start a lesson from a basal and take it a step further, and supplement a lesson with exercises, games, and enrichment activities.


To teach a thematic unit on a story set during the Holocaust during World War II.


2-3 months.


Upper elementary grades school grades.


Read the abbreviated version of the story from a basal reader along with the class. Treat this basal version as an introduction to the story, and present the background and history of this story.


1. After finishing with the basal version of this story, read the complete book of this story. Don't cover the parts of the book already covered in the basal reader.

2. During the reading of the book, set up the class in as way so that it simulates the environment that takes place in the book, like displaying reproductions of Nazi propaganda posters while playing a recording of a Hitler speech in the background. Change the environment as frequently as you can, to show different settings of the story.

3. Present maps of the areas where the story takes place. Show areas of where Crystal Night took place, as well as other atrocities.

4. Build a list of vocabulary words like Gestapo, Propaganda, etc,.

5. Discuss the history of the Holocaust and how it began.


If there is a play, or a movie, or a piece of music that is based on this point in history, show it to the class. There are plenty of plays on DVDs these days. Discuss this with the class afterwards. Perhaps the class can come up with a performance of a piece of work that they can perform themselves.


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