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Long Term Lesson Plan on Spelling for the Elementary School Grades.

Updated on February 23, 2012

Spelling should not be an activity of merely handing out a list of words for students to memorize. Teachers must try to show a correlation between good reading and good spelling. Teachers must also show students how and why an incorrect spelling of a word occurred, and how it can be corrected. A student must be shown what the problem is so he can correct it effectively, as opposed to simply showing him/her that the word is misspelled without giving a reason why this is so.


To teach students how to spell vocabulary words from a book of literature.


One month.


3rd Grade.


Read a book of literature to the class and select vocabulary words from the story to present to class.


1. Present teacher-created sheets that show contextual meaning of vocabulary words in sentences and paragraphs from the literature book.

2. Give exercises on the board and on teacher-created worksheets to show how some of the vocabulary words can be used in daily life. Present sentences and paragraphs to students, and then have them do exercises to see if they can come up with sentences and paragraphs containing the vocabulary words.

3. Create games for students where they use the Cloze Procedure Method, where they fill in the missing letters of a vocabulary word.

4. Create games for students that encourage writing and educated guessing, like crossword puzzles.

5. Go over mistakes with individual students. Analyze their errors and discuss with students the correct way to spell the words.

6. Encourage, but oversee, self-editing among students concerning their spelling.


Have a spelling bee for the class. If the majority of the students in the class do well in the game, arrange a field trip to an amusement park.


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