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Looking for Bigfoot?

Updated on June 13, 2016
A footprint we found
A footprint we found
Another footprint we found after a days searching
Another footprint we found after a days searching

To begin

First let me start by saying that I am not and do not pretend to be some type of Bigfoot expert. The information that I am providing in this Hub is things that I have learned by trial and error. I have gone out quite a few times looking for Bigfoot, not to prove to the world but to prove to myself if this is a real being or not.

Some of this information may seem redundant but to begin with I will go over a few things that you should do and should have before you decide to venture out.

The first thing is to sit down and do some research as to where people have been seeing these creatures. Type into a search engine "Bigfoot sightings" and you will get a plethora of results telling you all about where people have seen them in your area. Scan through the them and find the ones you think are more believable.

The second is to plan where you will go camping to find them. I recommend going for at least two days. Once you have the location of where you will go decided you need to let someone know where you are going. Preferably someone who is not going with you. The obvious reason for letting someone know where you are going is just incase the worst should happen and you can't make it back out from wherever you are going. Part of this is to plan to go to an area far enough away from people, a camp ground, to be sure you won't be bothered by pranksters but close enough to a camp ground to have a clean exit if you need it. A possible Bigfoot isn't the only animal out there you might come across.

The third thing is to plan on who can go with you, I would never recommend going by yourself. If you run into any situation out in the woods it's best to have someone with you to help you out of the situation.

Supplies and things you can do

Again, some of this information will be redundant but it still needs to be gone over to make the best of your trip.

One of the first things that you need to do it to check if camp fires are allowed in the area that you are going. If you do plan on making a fire while you are out in "the field" make sure that you take matches and at least a half of gallon of water strictly for putting out the fire and making sure it doesn't flare to life again after you leave.

If you can make fires I recommend using a little green foliage for creating white smoke. Myself and others have had great success using this as an attractant.

A few other tools are a knife, and of course food.

The first thing that I do when I get to a location I am going to hunt in is scout the area out so I know what is around me. If there is an area where someone, or something, could sneak up on me I want to know where it is.

Once the sun starts to go down I'll get the fire going and add the green foliage to it. I do this every time I go out with the idea that if a Bigfoot is out there I want him/her to know I am there and come around me to watch me. When the sun is fully down I will start cooking the food over the fire, again with the idea that if something out there is watching me I want it to be drawn in by the smell of cooking human food.

About half an hour after I eat I'll begin "Wood knocking", this is what people more experienced in the Bigfoot community say they communication by. After about half an hour of just wood knocking I will begin "whooping". If you google what Bigfoot sounds like you will get an vast array of what I mean.

© 2014 Chosen Shades


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