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Losing All Your Cookies Has Got Be The Worse Thing In Life.

Updated on July 13, 2013

Life Is So Hard

As I was leaving church  Saturday night, I saw a family heading into the parking lot, walking down the sidewalk a few feet ahead of me. They had three children, two girls and a boy. The middle child, a girl, was crying. She rubbed her eyes as she walked and sobbed. Then, with a cue from her mother, she ran back to her and handed over a small cup full of cookies.

As I reached my car, her wailing had increased, and I looked at her father and we smiled.

"Life is so hard," I said.

"Things are real tough," he said laughing.

"Yeah," I laughed, "Especially when you lose your cookies."

At that point, he cracked up, and continued laughing as he opened his SUV and put the kids in. But I thought about that. Most adults do pretty much the same thing when they lose their proverbial "cookie."

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Perspective Is The Problem

It really doesn't matter what your "cookie" is. The fact of the matter is, your perspective is the problem, not your loss.

Have you been holding on too tight? Hoarding maybe? Or maybe your sense of value is greatly misplaced. It could be a combination of all of these things, but again, its the glasses you are looking through that will determine how you perceive the situation you are facing.

If you are of the opinion that the situation is negative, that is what it will be for you. Perhaps you are like the little girl, who may have felt she would never get her cookies back.

The thing is, sometimes when one cookie leaves your life, there is room for a bigger and better one, but if you scream and cry over the first cookie and refuse to let go, you may end up with something you don't like.

Some things can appear bigger than they are.

Borrowed Items

Most often, this behavior is called a tantrum, and good parents often do not tolerate such behavior, and rightly discipline the child for this selfish display. In that case, the child may lose other "privileges," and be relegated to a corner they aren't used to.

People don't seem to appreciate the fact that everything they have is on loan. Not even when they are in debt to the hilt in credit to pay for their borrowed items, do they perceive that it really doesn't belong to them.

Thus, they hold on tightly when they get into a position when these "things" or their "cookies" are no longer affordable. The reality is, if they would stop holding on so tightly, they would make the transition from one "cookie" to another a lot easier.

Again, its all in how they see and perceive the situation. In order to cope with the loss of your "cookies," you must first change your mindset about the loss as well as about the "cookie." You must realize that the "cookie" you place such high value in, is not as important as you have made it.

It's the way you are thinking about it that is causing you the pain, and so, you must change the way you are thinking.

Books To Improve Your Mind

John C. Maxwell
John C. Maxwell

The Key

"As a man thinketh, so is he."

The key lies in your thought processes, and in order to deal, you must repent, or rethink your position. John C. Maxwell is highly recommended as fodder for those who want to learn a new way of thinking. Books like "Today Matters," and "How Successful People Think," explain the differences between faulty thinking and healthy thinking.

The latter even explains different categories of thinking, to help you understand the areas in which your mind is deceiving you, and to help you reprogram your own thought centers with new information that will bring success and happiness to your life...and your new cookies.


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      Extremely helpful hub! Just what I needed to read. Thank you!