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Love an Eternity a GIFT with no PATH Perhaps God is Mankind's Shadow. May your footprints walk in the LIGHT.

Updated on July 29, 2015

Love an Eternity a GIFT with no PATH Perhaps God is Mankind's Shadow. May your footprints walk in the LIGHT.

Love an Eternity a GIFT with no PATH Perhaps God is Mankind's Shadow. May your footprints walk in the LIGHT.

Perhaps we ‎not unwrap the greatest Gift of all,LOVE.

Yet if it is Free warm cosy and gives one a sense

Of soothing while we are on Earth.

Why is the world filled with so much misery.

Why is our Society so violent?

I would like to believe that most KIDS are made

Out of LOVE.....

Yet some where along the way it gets fuzzy.

A Pure soul free of SIN

Is born into this Radiant Earth......

Yet before they reach teenage hood,

They are forced to witness Hatred,

Being raised in a broken HOME.

At times the is no food

Not even fruits to take to school

For lunch....

Yet we go to church every possible Sunday

And give the church the little we can afford.

Mama and Daddy scream in front of the

Children what Lessons or values are we

Installing or teaching them?

I am no Angel?

Yet surely the human race is self ex terminating.

Laughter is cleansing and makes you feel good

It is also a measure of your wit and what

Dwells in your heart and mind......

Evil is relative....

Perhaps you seek Power...

Perhaps you envy your brother or neighbour?

Perhaps your childhood was painful ,

And as a adult you have not made peace,

With the lack of opportunities life has given


Perhaps your mistakes you made can not be

reversed by TIME and they are eating you ALIVE.

Who do we call to when we need help?

Are we able to sustain self

And our basic daily needs?

Who do we blame for our problems?

The responsibility of our actions

Is in the timing and planning our every move

No matter what obstacles you may surface .

Pray as Hard as you Work...

Be aware of what Lies on your MIND...

Take nothing for granted...

Do not be amused by trash...

What lies in your mind is a reflection

Of what Lies around YOU.

Believe it or NOT with time what ever thoughts

You have manifest in your reality...

All that we posses materially physically and in the

Spiritual world‎ is the accumulation of THOUGHT !

What ‎are the Symbols In SOCIETY?

Birth Infancy youth old age and death.

That is the cycle of LIFE.

Yet what transpires from the day

We are BORN...

We cry we are separated from our mothers

umbilical ‎cord. We will crawl we will walk

Go to school get a good Education.

One day we will marry have Children of own

As we made our parents great grand parents

We will also become Grand Parents....

On Day our heart will stop beating

And with Grace we have Accumulated

Land Reliable motor cars and enough cash

To help the grand children get an higher

education ‎.

Where does the soul go when we DIE?

The After LIFE

Perhaps Heaven ?

If you were moral and you never took advantage

Of those that were needy.

If your thoughts were pure

And you were a light amongst

All those around you....

Perhaps you will rest in PEACE.

Should there be guilt trips in your heart

And sub conscious and conscious are RESTLESS.

Is there a place called HELL (Hades)

Well if you took advantage of the needy

If you accumulated your wealth elicitly‎

Although as the Soul that went to Heaven

Your Grand Children will have a good eduction

They will live in a cosy home there will be reliable

Expensive automobiles.

Yet you may have enemies who do not wish you well.

Hell could be figuratively a state of consciousness.

Let US take a look at the Soul......

The spirit incarnates‎ when we our parents

Have intercourse ‎and we are born

Given a Name and a surname.

And depending on their social status

We are born either rich middle class or poor.

Lush Vegetation

The Earth and Ocean have existed for

Along time.

With clouds forming through precipitation

It rains seeds and wild plants are embedded in the soil ‎and with seasons and time grow to nourish

Life ocean and earth.


Wild tame beast

Animals mate and are born into the earth.

They have a hierarchy based on the strongest

Will rule eat first and survive.

Where do they go when they DIE?

Domestic Animals

Dogs Cats and Birds

Could be tamed and man can use them for protection and security Dogs.

And Cats for superstition or admiration.

Where do they go when they Die?

Now we have taken a look of our immediate surrounding.

Let us touch lightly on the universe.

The Sun is made of Gas and when it burns out

Perhaps that is Judgement Day the END of

The world.

One DAY the Sun will burn Out,Perhaps?

The World will be cast into Darkness......

Plants and lush vegetation will not be able to grow

There will be no sunlight and all forms of life will starve to Death.

Perhaps a New world will be Born?

As some animals are already Nocturnal

Bats owls and some snakes.

There is nothing to fear this is life.

The Moon

Should the moons Gas burn out

The Ocean will have waves taller more fierce

Than any tornado or tsunami ‎ ever witnessed

Since the biblical times of Noahs ARK.

So what is the Meaning of Life?

What is your purpose on EARTH?

Why is that we fear DEATH and create

As sort of mystery and fuel fear in the hearts

Of Men Women and Children.

Intelligence Knowledge Wisdom

Have materialize a mechanical as well as

Industrial world, we also live in a concrete Jungle.

This could be the work of God or the Gods?

This could also be the processing and growth

Of Accumulated KNOWLEDGE.

Man observing the world around him

And mimicking.


The Sun we learned how to make a fire.

The Birds in the Heavens we learned how to make


Living in Caves we learned how to build Homes.

When we learned the beauty of communicating

And words became a vocabulary and language

We learned the alphabet numbers we started

Writing letters.

We were curious

We wanted to know where does the ocean end?

We took wood and built boat and ships.

We discovered new continents.

We were introduced to new Cultures

And we learned more about Humanity

And Nature.

We invented the telephone.

Radio and television .

We created new sports and games and recreation.

And to better our self's and the world

We invest in Education......

We are governed by the Government and we believe in Religion.

Man is Gods Shadow!

May your footprints walk in LIGHT.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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