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Luke - What Does Your Name Mean?

Updated on August 22, 2013
Saint Luke
Saint Luke

What does the name Luke mean, what is its origin and who are the famous Lukes? Discover the story behind the name.

Name Meaning: Luke

Luke is a male name pronounced L-ew-k (to rhyme with 'spook').

The name 'Luke' is an English version of the Greek name Λουκας (Loukas). It means "from Lucania", which is a region of Italy.

Name Origin: Luke

The earliest known use of the name Luke is in the Bible. Luke was a physician who travelled with Saint Paul. He wrote two of the books in the New Testament of the Bible ... the Gospel according to Luke, and the Book of Acts.

Saint Luke is the patron saint of artists, butchers, physicians, surgeons and students. His feast day is celebrated on 18th October.

Particularly due to the Biblical references, the name is popular in the Christian world. The English version of the name has been used since the 12th century.

There are variants of the name Luke in many different languages, and Luke can also be a surname.

Nicknames & Related Names for Luke

Lucky, Lucas, Luc, Luca, Lukas

Famous Lukes

Saint Luke the Evangelist - cAD 30 - c130
Luke Gardiner, Irish property developer & politician - c1690-1755
Luke Howard - British scientist - 1772-1864
Luke Short - American cowboy & gunfighter - 1854-1893
Luke Kelly - Irish folk singer 1940-1984
Luke Perry - American actor - born 1966
Luke Goss - English singer & actor - born 1968
Luke Brookshier - American TV writer & storyboard artist - born 1971
Luke Wilson - American actor - born 1971
Luke Tan - American singer & songwriter - born 1977
Luke Campbell Donald MBE - English professional golfer - born 1977
Luke Young - English footballer - born 1979
Luke Ford - Canadian born Australian actor - born 1981
Luke Johnson - British musician, drummer & songwriter - born 1981
Luke Watson - South African rugby union player - born 1983
Luke Lewis - Australian rugby league footballer - born 1983
Luke Wright - English cricket player - born 1985

Luke in Fiction

Luke Skywalker - character in the original Star Wars trilogy
Lucky Luke - Franco-Belgian comic book series and cowboy character
Cool Hand Luke - 1967 movie and character

Luke in Music

Luke Knock Knock Joke

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Luke who?

Luke out!!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      That's my name!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My boyfriend's name is Luke. He gets called Cool Hand Luke sometimes, but I never knew what it meant. Now I know.


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