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Updated on February 5, 2010

Candle had contributed so much to our modern way of life. Every time there was a power outage (brown-out), candle is our best friend. Decorating beautiful design and form of candles to our own receiving room can add life to the gloomy atmosphere and become a place of peace and wonder. Every family use it for religious purpose as a symbol that those we loved dearly who departed from us living in different time and space is being remembered and they are always there in our heart. A candle placed in an altar can change the mood as we were captivated by the beautiful pleasing smell soothing relief to our stressed and confused mind. That's how candle can change the way we see things in our midst.

A candle is made of paraffin wax and wick. Paraffin wax is the main source of being a solid fuel to create a candle. A candle cannot live without a wick. It became the breather and serve as the fuel pump to flicker its light in a dark night. Most wick were made of the finest durable materials of cotton fibers braided together to form a single strand of filament where a candle relied to its glow.

How can you make your own personalized candle? It is easy to get started by just knowing the secret and the steps of making it. You only need few materials very familiar to you that you can find in your kitchen.

You need hot plate to melt the paraffin wax. You also need electric stove, low pot, double-boiler pot, ladle, thermometer, sticks, aluminum molds, fragrance compound, butter knife, fork, wick. You can choose what kind of fragrance that pleases you and what kind of dye color you have to use to mix to the melted paraffin wax to create a colored candle. You can innovate and invent a kind of candle that is beautiful and colorful. Design your own candle and personalize it. You have all the control what to do. Then let's start:

Bring the end of the block of wax down into the bottom of the wax by holding with your left hand. With the use of a hammer break the block of wax directly to the center. As it broke into many irregular shapes, place it to the kitchen scale for measurement to determine the amount of the wax to be used.

Start filling the steamer pot with water in halfway measurement. Put the steamer in the heat stove for the water to boil. After the water boiled, turn the heat down to simmer. Place wax into the melting pot and add 1 chip of candle dye for every pound of wax you have to melt. Add the necessary additive. The handle of the melting pot should hang outside the steamer pot. Avoid the water to come to a boil while the melting pot is in the steamer pot. This for the purpose of avoiding the water to splash up around the side of the melting pot and may splatter to the work surface and mess around your work place. If the water gets into the wax, you will make an unsatisfactory candle.

We recommend you to use a not expensive double boiler set-up to prevent the wax from reaching to a dangerous melting point. Ready your sticks and thermometer, aluminum molds, mold sealer or wick holder bar in sealing the wick hole in the mold. Be cautious that the boiling water and hot wax are very dangerous that may bring a potential hazard to you to have burns. In addition, any improper use in melting wax of putting additive to it may cause fire. Spilled liquid can create a terrible mess and become slippery. It should be done properly and with caution. Further, using dyes causes a permanent stain to the fabric you are using in your working area. Prepared a place intended only for making candles. You need a sturdy level surface free from any clutter.

Melt the wax. Use a steamer pot or double boiler to heat the water on the stove pot. See to it that no other object is near the stove while the wax is melting. After the wax turned into liquid, check the temperature level allowable. Gauge by the use of thermometer about 180'F. Stir the wax with stir stick. Keep it at about 30 minutes before pouring to the molds.

Use a level surface for pouring and cooling the candles. Using a kitchen table is fine for as long as it will not disturb the curing of candle for several hours. Prepare the molds while the wax is melting. Spread the disposable plastic table cloth in the area. Wax will likely spill while filling the mold and if there is a leak it could drain all the wax out of the molds and over the pouring cooling area. It is best for the mold to be placed on top of the cooking sheet that has a lid around it. A shallow cake pan is preferable. If it spills or has leaks, the wax is only confine to a small area easily cleaned after the pouring.

Then presto! You have candle now.


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