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M.A.N.I.A The Unknown

Updated on March 16, 2015

M.A.N.I.A The Unknown



M. A . N . I. A

I think I may be losing touch with reality?

I have a loss appetite I am sleeping less

Than 4 hours a day.

I have excessive energy.

Am I hearing voices or are they my thoughts.

Five shadows follow when I am conscious and


Which is a symbol of Angels surrounding

And calling you on Earth in the spiritual


Unlike 8 Shadows following you, which means

Your time is up on earth and your calling may

Not be that of the LIGHT.

I can't trust what lies in my mind, do you have

An idea how scary that is? Let alone confusing.

I feel as though my own thoughts are strangling

Me,chocking my very exsistance.

I gotta stop smoking cannabis as much as I love

You, you are going to be the death of me.

I jump out my bed terrified as though I am in

nightmare. I breathe some fresh air at the balcony.

In broad day light. Somebody save me I whisper

A prayer in my heart....

I look to the Heavens I wonder if God

Or my guardian Angels can hear me?

Who can save me when I can not even take

Better care of self a voice echoes in my head.

There are clouds hovering and drifting in the

surrounding atmosphere.

Yet I am not sure if they carry the rain blessings

The rain. Although they are dark and Heavy....

It starts to drizzle, nature is feeding life

Unlike draughts which make life unbearable

For farmers and all forms of life.

Even the camel needs to store water to survive

In the desert.

I glance and at first sight I laid my eyes on a tree....

The tree stood proud and stall and cast a shadow

the size of a giant‎.

The branches had bird nests, and I wondered

When the eggs would hatch, most importantly

The pretty little birdies had a home.

The branch of the tree was thick it showed

Character how long and how many seasons

The tree had been through and survived.

The roots were entrenched deeply into the fertile


Moment of Sanity,

It all started with a seed.....

It all started with a seed! A seed!.....

It all started with a seed! A seed ! seed!..

Count your blessings,take absolutely nothing

For granted.

Not even this MOMENT..........

M. A . N . I. A

Gods Poet Nkosi


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