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Motivation : The Driving Force of Life

Updated on November 25, 2015

The essence of life: Motivation

Lincoln was one of the greatest president of USA. He was not someone who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He had to make both ends meet at times really hard. In all phases of his life including childhood, elections and civil war till his death, Lincoln kept himself motivated and remained patient. Lincolns, Kellers and Mendellas are epitome of motivation. Self motivation leads to a path of satisfaction and clear mind. In patience, lies the key. Patience the panacea as they say in the famous maxim.

Motivation is what compels you to go ahead and complete your task. It is the pushing force that really throttles a man for more effort. Take it anyway whether social life, sports, professional life or any other ingredient of human life, Motivation brings out prismatic results.

You will observe, that people want a chance to develop their skills and a job that they cherish and is challenging. They don't want to get bored off the jobs they do. I am sure you have people in your street, city, province or country who are very happy where they are, and you couldn't get them to do anything else. So that's the way it is. You need them because they are patient and steady achievers who come all the way to do the job they are paid to do. However, you will observe others who need more stimulus to increase their impetus. These are the people who need motivation.

Motivation keeps a person jolly and joyous. A motivated person enjoys what he does. In short Motivation is Happiness.


Motivation frankly speaking comes from within. Still you can instill motivation through Self example, sacrifice, consistency and passion. Gandhi terms the completion of an assigned task as very significant. Every religion in the world revolves around the search for good and the motivation to learn, know the truth and the just. Motivation drives you to a better future. Motivation turns a static cube into a moving ball heading towards the target.

Motivation is premier and unique to each individual, as specific circumstance can include a variety of hiccups, motives and benefits, and the varying levels of competency and knowledge to the response behaviors. whatever task one gets, he needs to use all his resources for its evaluation, planning and finally execution.

Set Life Goals

It is always important to set your goal, that too higher goals. One should know what to achieve in life. The priorities one sets for oneself change through your life, one may realise because life is prone to changes with age. Since at young age one has a volcano of energy so youth is a perfect blessing. Young people should have a higher level of motivation.

When pondering upon your lifetime goals, make them chronological, challenging and exciting, Make them practically achievable and challenging too to pursue.

Whatsoever is on's profession/Job orientation, quest for excellence remains in everyone. Whatever is your life being steered at, It may be useful to categorise life goals:

  • Academic goals – What degrees and qualifications you want to pursue?

  • Career goals – where would you like your career to take you, what level do you want to reach?

  • Financial goals – With how much finance you are satisfied? How will you reach that Monet level?

  • Creative goals – To how much literary and cretive level you want to reach?

  • Domestic goals – How would you like your domestic life to be in the future?

  • Sports Based/ Physical goals – Do you want to develop your skill in a sport or other physical fitness program or activity?

Once you have thought about all types of your life goals you can plan out how to achieve and ways and means to achieve them. Set yourself smaller goals for the near future. Go step wise. Remember your resources and short comings too. Try within your limits of finances and resources. Even if you have to loan or debt something, ponder upon its aftermaths.. Work out execution plans with smaller and smaller sub-goals until you can arrive at an action plan that you can start working on now. Paradoxically, Breaking can be a goal towards making too. Break down your aims, concentrate and then go for it sequentially.

Two exampes of two great personalities (A woman and man each) are presented as case study for motivation. I am sure most of the readers are well conversant with these personalities. Whatever hardships they overcome, their life was never a straight road. Neither they were physically blessed. Not discounting God gifted qualities but these two will remain role models for the complete mankind in any space-time domain.


Hellen Keller as an example is in front of us. She was an American author and lecturer, who was deaf and blind. She served as an inspiration for other people with disabilities. The touching and moving account of how she was taught to speak is narrated in Helen Keller’sThe Story of My Life(1902). She broke her barrier of darkness and never felt she was disable by any organ, That is what motivation does, It really compensates for all weaknesses and short comings one carries on. She said "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing".

In a nutshell, motivation itself is the fuel to the human engine. Although we agree unanimously that Life is action and not just contemplation, the factor of internal stimulus is still pre-requisite. The motivation is basically internal stimulus that drives a humanly combusted engine (As the counterpart, the Gasoline or Diesel fuels crank up the internal combustible engines). As long as the fuel is off good Octane level, the engine keeps running and never siezes.


A further notable case is of Nelson Mandela. He probably is one of the greatest freedom fighters in history. A long walk to freedom, Mandela's Autobiography explains it well enough. How he underwent through the ordeals of prison and the atrocities of apartheid. Brave is the one who does not only discusses problems but jumps into their solutions too. What can not be cured, must be endured is an appealing maxim in this regard. Man is a mini-universe within this gigantic universe. His mind is always thinking a variety of issues. Motivation gives a direction to these thoughts and turns them into Actions. A direction then points a human being towards his destination. We must admit that a motivated body brings out his soul to achieve something and the highest probability is that he will grasp his spot on the victory stand. Great nations even are glaring examples of being motivated, spirited and fearless. French revolution, American struggle and finally triumph in civil war are just two to mention.


The field of Life does not matter. What matters is internal will to hang around and enjoy an assignment, a match, a clash and the complete life that you face. A life of satisfaction is indeed necessary to complete anything assigned.

Gandhi terms the "completion" of any assigned task significant.
Gandhi terms the "completion" of any assigned task significant. | Source


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  • SAQIB6608 profile image

    SAQIB 3 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

    yes. Helen Keller: motivating personality throughout history

  • AISHAKHATTAK profile image

    AISHAKHATTAK 3 years ago

    Just read bit about Helen Keller, So emotional it turned out for me

  • SAQIB6608 profile image

    SAQIB 3 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

    thank you so much dear. i have written yet another hub. my fav 5 thriller movies. i wish it gets published.

  • AISHAKHATTAK profile image

    AISHAKHATTAK 3 years ago

    yes it will. keep up the good work.

  • SAQIB6608 profile image

    SAQIB 3 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

    thank you so much aisha. Iam working on another hub as well. I really hope the first one gets more appreciation.

  • AISHAKHATTAK profile image

    AISHAKHATTAK 3 years ago

    Saqib i must appreciate. You have started off with a marvellous start. Keep up the motivation.

  • SAQIB6608 profile image

    SAQIB 3 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

    Guys and Gulls ! This is my very first article. I am nascent to HUB. Please appreciate. Regards