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Magnetic Qualities of Reading in Education

Updated on October 31, 2013
Reading may take us to another time and place, or allow us to appreciate our world for all of its value.
Reading may take us to another time and place, or allow us to appreciate our world for all of its value.

An Interesting Education

We were all once kids who were going up the grades in public education, or at least school of some kind. Private and charter schools are now becoming a focus in the education of our children in today's world. Private schools. charter schools, and parochial schools, home schooling, all play a vital role in education of the kids in this country. What makes all the difference in these schools is the fact of how that they approach the children, in which they house, in an appropriate method, in gaining their attention and keeping it. Without this, kids will not learn needed skills appropriate for their ages and levels in the grades in which they are placed.

In short, Make things interesting to keep kids attention and hold it long enough for them to retain what they have been exposed to in the process. How can this daunting task be accomplished, you might ask? Provide kids with materials appropriate for their ages and prepare it to be very interesting, then using this as a magnet in attracting them in every subject, including science, mathematics, English, writing skills, social studies, reading, and the wide variety of additional courses that can be added, including music and art.

It all depends on the teachers and their abilities in presenting the information to the kids. If it is presented in a dull and drab manner, little effect and progress is made by the average students.Enthusiasm and pleasant demeanor, as it is shown to the class, is effective in making the initial statement and progress can then be made in gaining more attention, as the teacher moves on along. This can be enhanced by demonstrations of the teacher, illustrations in science and presenting famous historic figures in giving examples in the material being discussed. Examples can be shown, student participation in the material being focused upon, has always been most effective in retention of material given and test results, either orally or in written form, have been favorable in this methodology.

One central factor has been proven most effective in student learning, has been extremely interesting reading material and how it is presented to the students to be learned. It can be further enhanced by showing films, tapes, or CDs provided by various departments in the schools, personal talks by outside speakers with interesting credentials, such as scientist, researchers, fireman, policeman, health workers, and many other readily available resources in the individual communities. Illustrations in the way of photographs, drawings or paintings can also be effective in promoting learning. A guest speaker to give their personal account about a special book that was written, or program that was created, can certainly help kids to retain information and make gains in their individual educations.

One of my greatest memories in grade school was the speaker that we had one day, who was a NASA scientist , he came to speak about a moon shot and all that went into preparing, and making it. I will always be interested in this field because of that special day. Who knows what future scientist may have been encouraged to go on and become someone famous in the future. We had authors come to school and tell about their book they had written. It made a lot of difference in our English class and in our desires to want to read more in areas that we were assigned. When we were given the opportunity to go to libraries and do more research on a subject, or take part in a wonderful field trip, that sparked the interests of us all. In science, we got to take part in science projects, either individually or in groups. This made our learning much more rewarding and helped influence us in the praise and success that we experienced by taking part.

To get attention, teachers have learned that they must first provide some kind of reward in order to get students to want to participate in the learning process. Often individual praise from the teacher for a student can make all the difference and may even effect them in their future lives.These rewards will be later proved to be even more rewarding in their qualities in future needs of their individual lives.Students tangible rewards can be in the form of belonging to special research groups. making certain achieved levels kept on charts for others to see, medals for their participation or reaching determined progress in an assignment. Of course, there is also the factor of letter grades in the subjects, or even numerical grades in their subjects in the classes. Belonging to the honor role, or getting accolades from the principal during school meetings where the entire school population is in attendance, is quite a positive experience for many students.

The report card and positive parental intervention is always a good rewarding experience for children and gives parents a chance to be a part of each child's educational experiences.The parents part in supporting the teachers, is invaluable in the educational roles, and all that is done by them will be a plus for their children in the support. When parents do not take a part in their child's school experiences and helping with home work assignments, then the kids suffer and miss out on positive learning experiences that may help them in achievement and in their future lives. Parent-teacher meetings can carry a lot of weight in meeting needs of the student's future achievement.

Reading is a key to learning, and the fantastic and special experiences, that kids get in reading, having a book read to them, or watching a movie about a special novel, in schools will definitely get their attention and create a positive learning environment. Not enough time is spent in the libraries of schools or even the public library. Here children can find, with appropriate adult supervision and guidance, wonderful and inspiring books about a huge quantity of interesting subjects and with good inspiration for their daily lives. Their individual lives can be influenced to the point that one day they may achieve goals that were begun during the time spent in growing up, and having special guidance from many dedicated teachers in their schools. Teachers can find a big list of quality reading experiences for kids on the internet and book clubs can be a good source of activities for their kids to participate in.There have been many recent books written by wonderful authors who have the kid's best interests at heart.

One such book is"The Legacy of the Skull Master" by S.M. Rodgers and published by Lulu. It is also listed on Amazon and other publications. It is a marvelous book about the mystery spawned by a crystal skull that was in the hands of a ghostly pirate and guarded by a huge alligator, by the name of "Mamma Mud". It will captivate readers of all ages and particularly middle school and older aged students, who are attracted by mystery, suspense and the fantastic activities of the many unusual characters in the pages of this great book. Other books can be found in a wide assortment of the book stores in local cities and are listed in libraries in most cities. Parents, as well as students, can get assistance at these locations in finding special books that fill their interests and many new ones are discovered there just by going and looking. New treasures can be found worth more than gold in preparing our kids for a future world full of new discoveries, in book stores and libraries, and rare adventures are to be found and are just waiting for them all right there.

Many stores and libraries have books in braille and tapes and CD's for the visually impaired. Some books are available in extra-large print also for those who need this presentation for reading. There are often available book clubs and special activities held during summer months, so that kids will keep up learning and maintain interests. Many helpful adults volunteer to read to classes on special occasions and this adds to the value of kids in these classes. Reading is a vital key to education in our schools and will always be a wonderful element that facilitates learning. One interesting assignment for kids is to have them write a small book and draw pictures to illustrate it. A teacher will often be surprised at the wide variety of interesting books and drawings of their students. With much encouragement and interesting presentation, reading can be greatly enhanced to prompt many eager kids taking part in the fine education available in our schools today.

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