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Maintaining a Good School Record

Updated on February 13, 2010




Maintaining a Good School Record


To maintain a good school record, first you have to be a good school member. You should have good school spirit - ready to cooperate with your classmates in all school activities and do your part to help whenever you can. Your relationship with your teachers, classmates and other school personnel will greatly affect your success as a good school member. You should watch your behavior so as not to cause any trouble for other people. Be considerate of others in the school -your classmates, teachers and new students. Courtesy and politeness to all people at all times will make you an agreeable school member. Do your classwork and homework honestly and diligently.

Good management of your school time would doubtless help you to suc­ceed in school. Do you use your class hours and study periods wisely in school? Have you developed good study habits?

Here are some helps when studying:

1.                    Plan your study period.

2.                    Begin before you are too tired to concentrate.

3.                    Select a quiet place.

4.                    Have materials on hand before starting to work.

5.         Be comfortably dressed.


6.    Have a comfortable chair and a good light

7.    Have a system of studying. Start with the assignment you enjoy most, but be sure to allot time for each assignment.

8.    Take notes in a notebook or on cards if you are not using your own textbook. If the book is yours, you may underline parts or write important points on the margin.

9.    Concentrate on what you are doing while you are at it.

10.  After about an hour of studying take a short rest period, and resume studying with renewed energy.


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