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Major Hurricane Tomas On Track To Strike Haiti

Updated on March 21, 2011

Hurricane Tomas may be set for a direct strike which may be utterly devastating near Port Au Prince, the Haitian capital somewhere around Friday evening, November 5, 2010, according to the latest forecasts from numerous meteorological sources at the time of writing.

Hurricane Tomas is an extremely unusual storm in that its strength is excessive given that it will strike land in November. Usually this month is considered to correspond to the end of the season of hurricanes in the Caribbean area.

Hurricane Tomas is currently churning atop waters which are in close proximity to all time recorded high temperatures. It is this very warm water which is expected to intensify the storm to the status of a major hurricane by some time on Thursday evening, November 4.

There are some forecasters who have stated that a shear effect will serve to weaken the hurricane to some degree, but many other forecast organizations insist that this amount of expected shear will not noticeably affect Hurricane Tomas. If the shear is able to stay within limits it becomes feasible that by the time Hurricane Tomas hits land it could be an extremely powerful and damaging Category 3 or Category 4 hurricane.

In the last months Haiti has been devastated by a number of overwhelming natural disasters. At this time when the country is still recovering from earthquakes and storms, a direct strike by Hurricane Tomas at Category 3 or Category 4 on the Saffir Simpson Scale to the island could be the nation's greatest disaster to date.

Hurricane forecasting is not yet a precise science therefore at the time of writing there are some possibilities that the eye of Hurricane Tomas may pass by close to Haiti and continue to make a direct strike on either the Guantanamo Bay zone of Cuba or Jamaica. There is also a possibility that it will hit the Dominican Republic on the east side of Hispaniola Island prior to passing onto Haitian territory.

Hurricane Tomas Haiti is providing updated coverage of the track of the storm in order to provide an early warning to the residents of the area as to the trajectory of this unpredictable Hurricane Tomas.


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