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Making Sense of Palmistry.

Updated on March 5, 2012

Is Palmistry a Science ?

Palmistry is a science that deals with the lines on the palms of the hand.It interprets all aspects of our life and indicates our weak and strong points.What is not visible to our conscious mind and what remains hidden deep within us including our desires,fears and expectations can be understood by studying these lines.Though Palmistry cannot be compared with other types of sciences like Physics that can be verified by theories and quantitative analysis, it is a form of science that deals with the past,present and future of human beings.What lies ahead regarding our career,finance,marriage,children and many more things are concerned can be understood by this form of science.



Some Facts about Palm Reading.

When we make an analysis of the hand,it should be noted that no difference is shown,whether it be the hand of a male or female.And there need be no confusion as to the hand used for analysis.The palm used by the person to write, whether it be the right hand or the left is the basis for consideration.The hand with which one writes is called the Active hand and the other is called the Passive hand.Both the active and passive hands together reveal the past,present and future history of a person.The importance given is in the ratio of 60% for the active hand and 40% for the passive hand.The passive hand is considered the birth hand,which shows inherited predisposition of character while active hand reflects individuality,flexibility and potential.

Can Lines be Modified Positively.

It is true that lines on our palms change in a subtle way over a period of time.Since these lines have a direct relation to our thoughts,by modifying our thought patterns, beneficial aspects can be brought to reality.Broken lines can be mended and lines that show interference and obstacles can be made to fade away.And lines with positive associations can be brought into view. According to ancient Indian belief, what we did in our previous births,either good or bad,has a bearing on our present birth. And it is reflected in our palms in the form of lines, signs and mounts.

Some of the Important Lines.

Life Line: This line indicates our life force and the path we choose to travel through life and our physical health. Heart Line: This line denotes our emotions,feelings,sensuality and heart health. Head Line: Indicates our intellect and everything related to the mind. Saturn or Fate Line:This line indicates our destiny,wealth and poverty, Sun Line: Represents success and prestige in life. Mercury Line: Has more to do with intellect and common sense.

Your Solution is in Your Hand.

It is an easy job to interpret what the lines on our palms indicate.But, if we are to benefit from Palmistry, changing our outlook to the world is essential.Being positive and surrounding us with thoughts and people who radiate confidence and enthusiasm will, over a period of time turn negative lines in a positive direction. WISHING YOU A HAPPY JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.


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