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Making Use of Test Bank

Updated on April 21, 2014

Is It Ethical to Obtain a Test Bank

When it comes to the issue of ethics, there a mixed opinions regarding owning/purchasing a test bank. I will break down into two categories:

1. Right-wing opinion says that owning or buying a test bank for a school textbook is considered cheating. In ETHICAL CONCERNS ABOUT THE ONLINE SALE OF INSTRUCTOR-ONLY TEXTBOOK RESOURCES the author argues that since test bank material is only to be accessed by professors or instructors, therefore students buying a test bank is illegal. The author also discussed moral and copyright issue with respect to this

2. Left-wing opinion says that since the internet is an open database, therefore whatever is available there is available for public use. Students argue that they just bought from vendors who happen to sell test bank or solutions manual. A lot of students sidestep the ethical concern since they believe that having a test bank is a method to help them to practice for exam and midterms. They argue that professors should not be lazy and only depend on test bank from the publisher to make exam questions. Rather, they should develop their own questions for the test.

However, in this article we will not put emphasis too much on the ethical concern. This article will discuss on how to make potential use of the test bank that you own.

What is a Test Bank?

When you are a college student, you might have heard your seniors mention about test bank for test preparations. In short, a test bank is a database of practice exam questions along with the answers for a specific college textbook. The test bank usually contains Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, Matching Questions, True/False and Essay Questions.

Depending on your textbook, those test banks might be compact and some might be large.

Where to Buy Test Bank?

There are a lot of vendors offering for test bank. Here are some links that you might want to check

1. Ebay has a lot of sellers offering for test bank. Payment is usually done through its own company Paypal. However you should beware of scammers since there are a lot of unverified sellers.

2. Test Bank Center looks to be a legitimate site to obtain a test bank. They said they have been around for four-years serving students. Their website looks clean and neat.

3. StudentDump used to be a great hub, but recently I think they have switched to student blog

Sample Test Bank Page

Test Bank from a Finance Book
Test Bank from a Finance Book | Source

Ways to Make Use of A Test Bank

1. Throw your presumption that test bank questions are the ONLY questions that will appear in the test. Always think that test bank question is a training test!

2. Do not focus on the answer, but focus on the STEPS to solve the problems. By doing this, you are making sure that you understand the process and not the final answers. When a similar question appear on the test, then you will know the method and procedure of solving it

3. Practice makes perfect. The more questions that you practice from the test bank will definitely reward you with the benefit. Practicing with questions from test bank is like going to the gym with the trainer. Aim for the guidance it gives.

Quick Survey of Test Bank Use

Have You Ever Used a Test Bank Before?

See results

Final Words

Here are a few additional tips:

1. Always buy test bank from reputable source. When you buy, you can ask for sample to make sure they are legitimate sellers

2. Save your test bank in your computer and make backup on your USB drive or external hard drive. That way, you will not lose it


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Good day! I would like to express how helpful this article is in understanding test banks. Is there a way to know your last name? I would like to include this article in the research paper I'm currently working on with regard to the use of test banks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article


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