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Mammatus Clouds: Sky Painting Job

Updated on April 8, 2013

Mammatus Clouds - God Artistic Works

Mammatus Clouds, also known as 'mammatocumulus' is one of the world most fascinating natural phenomena. Sometimes also known as 'breast clouds', they are a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud.

When this phenomena occurs, the sky will looks like the God has just done some artistic painting on it. The colors of the cloud varies depending on the time when this phenomena happens. Composed primarily of ice, 'mammatocumulus' can extend to hundred miles in each direction covering almost a whole big city.

On the other hand, individual formations can only remain visibility static for approximately ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Although this phenomena plasters the sky with gorgeous appearance, it often signals that an extreme weather such as a storm is on the way. It might or might not be always right. Just a way to tell the weather.

By Mila Zinkova,
By Mila Zinkova,

How these occurrences happens are not exactly known, even now. Scientists have not found the real answer for this. However, there are a lot of hypothesis that have been developed in order to explain this fantastic phenomena.

If you wants to learn more about these hypothesized formation mechanisms, you can head over to wikipedia to read more. But please be informed that other than introducing the hypothesis, no further elaboration or discussion are provided there.

This is an amazing view. It looks like a land is floating in the air. We could normally see this in fantasy movie produced by Hollywood
This is an amazing view. It looks like a land is floating in the air. We could normally see this in fantasy movie produced by Hollywood

Well, all I can say is God does a great job here. There are not permanent so that we can appreciate more.

Sometimes I wonder if there illustrations are real. It is happens just in our mind, or it s really out there?

Anyhow, do appreciate them.

Mammatus Clouds (Breast Clouds)

Mammatus Clouds in Pittsburgh PA

Unbelievable Mammatus clouds!!!

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    mammatus clouds 6 years ago

    I just wonder how will it feel if I touch them. Will it be smooth and soft or will just disappear. Have you seen the old refrigerators the ice formed in the ice tub looks similar. The procedure to form those ice balls are similar to mammatus clouds.