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Management as Human Engineering

Updated on May 16, 2010


Management is defined in many ways. Someone says management is an art, someone as a science. I would define management is a human engineering. I feel engineering is a study and use of available resources according to natural law. Natural law is natural force on the earth. Take an example study of air. Air has pressure towards all direction. It has pressure towards up, down, and from/towards sides. With this principle in mind planes are made to fly.

Management means to manage that one is supposed to manage keeping in view with certain principle. We cannot manage without knowing the principles. We cannot let water to flow upward without using certain machines to pump upward. The principle of nature is water always flows downwards. If one is managing a dog, one has to know characters of a dog. If one is managing a man one has to know nature of a man. If one is managing resources one has to know about the resources. It may be financial resources, natural recourses or human resources.

One of the basic principles is that resources are scarce, whether it is natural resources or financial resources or human resources. One might say there is a lot of unemployment and so human resources are not scarce. But human resources with certain skill and knowledge are scarce in certain place at certain time.

Keeping in view of availability and nature of the resources one has to manage. It may be in a private office or a government office or in a big organization.

Managing an office is a difficult task. Management of an office means management of financial resources, natural resources (office building and equipments) and human resources. Managing human resources is a complex task.

Proper management of human resources is the main takes which ultimately depends on the management of financial and natural resources. When human resources are not handled in a proper way other resources cannot be handled for maximum advantage with minimum cost.

Here I would like to concentrate on management of human resources. A manager needs to understand human nature to manage human resources. The manager cannot ask to make furniture to a person who is an electronic engineer. The manager cannot ask to a person to fly, physically, to reach certain distance within impossible duration of time. This means the principle of management to be followed by a manager in a practicable and reasonable manner. A manager needs to know knowledge and skill of a person to get maximum use of the person. If a person is a doctor a manager cannot ask him to work as watchman and vice versa.

A manager needs to give clear and good instruction to a person to work so that the person understands what s/he is supposed to do a work. One cannot ask to make furniture without giving measurement and design.

There should not be duel supervision to a person. When there is more than one supervisor, there will be conflict of command. Similarly a manager cannot assign one task to two persons. There will be confusion that who will be doing the task. There are certain words which has double meaning. A manager needs to explain clearly meaning of a word when assigning a task. A manager should not take for granted that a person will understand the instruction with duel meaning words. It is always better to ask a person if the person understood instructions correctly.

If anyone has grievances that must be solved immediately in order to avoid replication of the problems.

A higher level person must work with ethic and dignity in giving judgment for solutions of staff problems. If a higher level manager listened to a third person in judgment with biasness the result will be disaster, fall of an organization.

If a manager do not know and do not understand human nature it is for sure there will be failure of the performance as a result collapse of an office or an organization.


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