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Managing One's Time and Energy

Updated on November 13, 2009


Managing One's Time and Energy

Time is the framework of all works to be performed. The saying "Time is Gold" delivers the important message that must be valued and used wisely.

Energy refers to the physical and mental effort that is spent to do work. Our energy supply comes from the food we eat. A person who wants to accomplish more must have regular amount of rest, sleep and exercise.

Time and energy are equally important. Both must be used for productive activities and managed efficiently. The following are some of the benefits derived in managing time and energy wisely:

1.      Proper management of time and energy brings satisfaction.

2.      Spending time and energy wisely benefits you and others to have time for oneself and for those who are in need.

3.      It offers opportunities for constructive activities such as engaging in entrepreneurial skills and communication development.

There are some factors that affect the use of time and energy which should be kept in mind to accomplish goals and objectives within a specific timeframe.

1.      Efficient use of available resources. Human and material resources are essential.

2.      Combination of tasks for another task. A task that requires only a little energy may be combined with another one.

3.      Division of labor in household chores. Activities depend upon the age and physical development of members.

4.      Use of modern and energy-saving devices for work. Household chores can be accomplished smoothly and faster thus saving time, money and energy.


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      pilon 7 years ago


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      maricar omolon 7 years ago

      why there's no factors affecting the use of time and energy, how can I study this lesson

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      je c. ycong 7 years ago

      there's no factors affecting the use of time and energy how come

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      Michael Aldridge 7 years ago

      Thanks for this wonderful article I've been searching this for almost an hour in google and when i search in yahoo I found this! now I can catch up with my lesson.