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Marijuana for Big Pharma, Not For Us

Updated on February 9, 2013

Marijuana is the best cure for migraines, according to Sir William Osler, considered the Father of Modern Medicine and author of the first textbook of internal medicine where he stated that cannabis was the best treatment for migraines. "If you're retching, you really don't want to take a pill to stop it, you want to take something via the respiratory route 'cause you're not gonna throw it up. Also it's going to be effective in 15 seconds, not 45 minutes or an hour", Dr. David Bearman, physician.

In 2737 BC, Emperor Shen-Nung prescribed Cannabis for Beri-Beri, constipation and rheumatism. In 2000 BC, Egypt used Cannabis to treat bad eyesight.

India used a derivative to overcome thirst and hunger, Greek and Roman empires praised its benefits for generations. In 1619, Jamestown, among other United States colonies, were ORDERED to grow hemp seeds. In 1870, Cannabis was listed as medicine in United States pharmacopoeia (had to look twice to get that right). Between 1850 and 1900, marijuana extracts are the most prescribed medicines in the United States.

In the late 1800s, what we know today as BIG PHARMA emerged in the United States: Pfizer (1849), Bayer (1863), Eli Lilly (1876), and Roche (1896).

Then there's sort of a myth of Mormons going to Mexico because polygamy was banned in the United States around 1910. Legend says they came back high and their church didn't like this so Utah became the first state to BAN Marijuana.

Southern states soon followed, as they started associating marijuana with "heathen" Mexicans (1929). Two years later, Henry Anslinger becomes the first Drug Czar in the newly created Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act effectively bans marijuana. In 1941, Marijuana is removed from U.S. pharmacopoeia (this time I copy paste). In 1948 Marijuana is associated with communism and everything "unamerican" and unchristian, in short, demonized. In 1973 the Bureau of Narcotics is reorganized as the DEA, Congress placed marijuana alongside with heroin, PCP and LSD as a Schedule 1 drug. One year later president Nixon assigns $462 million for the so called "War Against Drugs".

A witch hunt.

William Shakespeare smoked marijuana, as did George Washington. To day, among the five groups lobbying to keep marijuana ILLEGAL are the following: Police Unions (they finance their budget with federal grants), Private Prisons Corporations, Alcohol and Beer Companies (who needs competition?), Pharmaceutical Corporations (what if I told you YOU could have leisure and remedy in one shot?) and Prison Guard Unions.

In case all of this fails to keep marijuana at bay, Big Pharma is already poised to enjoy gains in the lucrative "consumer health business". Not only the Governments has patents of marijuana, but new drugs based on cannabis, like Sativex are soon poised for FDA approval. Big Pharma seeks for Congress to make MARIJUANA legal for THEM, not for us.

Guns legal for Congressmen, not citizens. Marijuana legal for corporations, not citizens. Citizens get to pray for better health and for nothing to happen to them, Amen (Egyptian god).


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