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Marooned On A Deserted Island

Updated on June 9, 2012
Deserted Island
Deserted Island | Source

Tom Hanks plays the role of a FedEx delivery man in the movie, "The Castaway". His job was to fly the world delivering packages on time.

On one fateful trip, his plane crashed in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, near a tiny deserted island. Tom Hanks was the only survivor, but he was marooned on the island with no way of escape.

Four long years later, when all hopes of rescue had faded, Tom had only 2 choices.

He can live out the rest of his life on the island. He has food, he has shelter, and he even has a coconut for company. But he has not much else.

Or he can build a raft and face an uncertain future on the South Pacific Ocean. He will most probably die on that ocean, but that ocean offers the chance of a better and fuller life.

Tom built a raft and faced the South Pacific Ocean. He emerged triumphant and at the end of the movie, choose an unknown path to an unknown destination.

I see myself on my own deserted island. Food and drink is plentiful here, and I have good friends. I don't want for anything and I don't have much worries either. Life is good, and more important than that, it is safe and comfortable.

I see the ocean out there. And I know I was meant for more. I know I can do more. But I know out there on the ocean there is rejection and disappointment. Like they say, it's a jungle out there. And worst of all, there is failure.

But still, I build my raft. I don't know if I will ever make it onto the ocean. And I don't know how I will fare on that ocean. But I do see my deserted island, and I'm building my raft.

I wonder if I will regret my decision to venture out onto the sea. I would probably curse and swear at the ceaseless waves, and the violent storms. Even when all is calm, I would have to contend with the relentless sun in the day.

But I do know that, many years down the road, when all have been said and done, I would have been glad to have taken the plunge. I would have been a better person because I have stood on the threshold and choose the harder path.

I will not think less of myself if I fail, or if I am afraid, or if I hesitate. But if i do not try at all, i am not the man that i think i am. So try I must, for not to try is...unthinkable.

Soon, my raft will be ready. Soon, I will be on the beach taking one last look at the deserted island that has been my home for so many years. Soon, I will launch the raft and be out on the open sea.



Come to the edge Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge Life said.
They came. It pushed them . . .
And they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire


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