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How Real Estate can help maintain Ecological Balance

Updated on November 19, 2014

The Grudges of the Green

The Green is weeping, the grass is dying, the trees are barren and the flowers are stolen.They cry for help, they cry for their existence, they wish they could live again, and many of us share their grief. The gigantic wheels of the digger passes by, crushing the last hopes of the green with those nerve-shattering sounds.

Oh no! Our view of green is gone for ever, cries my little son, even we wept. But ..... no way...this is our destiny...the MAN-MADE DESTINY.

Today, the speed of tree felling and constructions of high rises has gone so high, that we feel really worried, where are we heading towards? Even if we keep aside the thoughts of the future for the time being, what about today? How to take a deep breath after a day long exhaustion?

The last green patches surrounding us are swiftly disappearing. The parks in the cities are closing down one after another. There's no corner left, where our children can play with the nature. Their eyes are tired of watching the loud artificial colors. where can they touch those flowers? Where can they breathe fresh air?

The Grunts of the Grey

What can be done? Look at the population, they need space, they need comfort, they need protection and a good life. People from villages too are bound to move towards the cities. They all are looking up to the opportunities that a city life can provide them. And to meet those expectations, space is the first thing they need. And to provide that space, we had to remove the green patches.

We have to utilize each and every inch we get, and for this maximum utilization of space, especially in over populated country like India, we cannot make much room for the green.

What can be done?

Whether we are aware of the fact, what may come in our way, if the ecological system gets off balance, the result has to be suffered by every inhabitant of this planet. We have been already experiencing issues like climate change, global warming and so on.

To get into a solution to this ever increasing problem, there has to be some changes in those corners, where things are getting worse. And it is very obvious that the growth of Real Estate beyond proportion is causing a lot of imbalance to the ecological system, and this is happening as a result of several reasons.

But even if there are issues, a strong WILL power can tide over them. The WILL has to come from each and every heart....a strong WISH to hand over a better world to our future generation instead of leaving them in a world bereft of natural beauty, natural resources, and natural vegetation.

If concerns arise from the Real Estate sphere, a lot can happen on the positive side. As most of the initiatives to save the green are countered by the power of Real Estate, now there is not many options left other than making THEM realize, that it is high time that the concept of Real Estate should change.

There has been many exemplary projects done in Real Estate projects in numerous pockets of the world. People from the world of Real Estate too have realized and revolutionized their system. It is only that the numbers are too less to count. Their green concept needs to be spread widely across the globe, even small investors need to cooperate.

By making the green patches compulsory, the Governments of the concerned countries can contribute positively in this mission. And here are few suggestions how things can be practically done.

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A Consistent Demand and a Strong Resolve

We need the Green back.

People from every corner of this planet have to come together towards a Consistent Demand that we need the Green Back.

1.To make it consistent, we have to insist the Real Estate professionals that no project of Construction would be accepted unless a Good Green patch is incorporated.

2. The sellers should have a strong resolve that they don't allow their trees to get cut for the sake of a construction. Whatever may be the construction type, they HAVE to keep the trees intact.

3. The buyers should not show interest in apartments that are totally dry of green leaves and buckle under the pressure of unavailability. If one can check out the criteria like the water and electricity supply , the power backup and other facilities, a demand for the Green can also be added to them.

Contribution from the Real Estate people

Without a positive contribution from the corner of the Real Estate, the mission of restoring the Green wouldn't be that easy. If taken positively, Real Estate can replenish the damage which it has caused earlier and show us a ray of hope.

A well-planned engineering, an Eco-friendly approach and a little bit of love for the green can bring back those lovely shades back. All they have to do is incorporate a green patch in every construction project they take up. They can do it in:

The Housing Colonies

While planning a Housing colony, we can leave a patch of green between every house in every lane.

The Gated Communities

A forest patch can be left around a corner of the area.

The Apartments

Whenever an apartment is ready to be built, there should be compulsorily no "tree felling". The architecture has to be planned incorporating the existing trees if there were any. Otherwise each apartment must have a small area beside the parking space, a garden, where children can play safely and get in touch with direct oxygen.

The Shopping Malls

The sealed shopping malls have become an eyesore as they are increasing in numbers unprecedented. They have space, they have money and they have the infrastructure to maintain a good amount of area for the green hub. Instead of building upon the ashes of the huge trees, they can easily incorporate them and design their shopping mall. It would be a fantastic hang out places for the shopper's. Instead of dry shopping malls, they can create a shopper's paradise in its true sense.

What more, to visit those pockets people can rush with their kids, and there would be 100% chance to allure them to buy something while returning home.

The Industrial Belt

Today we aren't unaware of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities that the Industries are burdened with. Half of their responsibility can be fulfilled, if they plant equal number of trees in their campus, which they must have cut when they started off with their industrial plant. Rest they can fulfill by sponsoring in public greenery in the city. Right now the society is more in need of them, rather than a distribution of ration which anyway they would be getting from the government and other NGOs.

The Schools

Every school should compulsorily have a green playground where each student can get the opportunity to plant trees. That can be one of the most vital extra curricular activities, which I know many schools must be doing, but NOT ALL.

The Colleges

Same with the Colleges. As college students are the most powerful segment in our society, they can take really good initiatives in the society to bring back the Green Days. They can organize campaigns, they can plant trees everywhere in the cities and the student can further motivate people to plant trees.

In their own college campus, they can create a greenland, and it can be a good idea to conduct a competition, in which all colleges can participate in making their own college campus more green.

The Railway Stations

The Railway stations in most cases have unused areas, which can be transformed into nice green parks. Even if the size doesn't become much impressive, a small initiative can change the entire atmosphere.

The Hospitals

Hospitals and Nursing homes should essentially keep a green patch with good quality trees, which can make the patients feel happy whenever they look outside the window. There would be many patients who would like to take a small walk in the garden. That would really help them recovering fast from their illness, and hopefully a detailed explanation is not required here, why.

The Amusement Parks

There can be nothing more amusing than the nature. Apart from the costly rides, there can be a real jungle patch where the children can ride their horses of imagination.

Creating a Green Dreamland.

While reading out to our kids those lovely fairy tales, don't we ever get immersed in those dream worlds? Haven't we sighed for a moment, thinking how nice it would have been to live in such spectacular surroundings? But would it be possible ever again to make those dream come true?

I think, Yes we can. We can all dream together of a beautiful Green land, where our kids can hug a tree, and swing on its roots, take a deep breath of green fragrance and come back home hungry and HAPPY.


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    • anweshablogs profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you so much Richard.

      Really it is getting painful and suffocating day by day seeing our favourite green patches disappearing. As you said, people like us need a nature's embrace at the end of the day, but that isn't much available option any more. Please share your ideas on what can be done. I would be eagerly waiting for it.



    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 

      4 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      What a beautiful idea Anwesha!

      I love this. I too have always wanted more green in our cities from London to Bangkok and L.A. to New Delhi, we need more trees and grass.

      It's sad that the main priority these days is money and selling space rather than green areas.

      I love love love trees, grass and nature. Wonderful!

      Thanks. Beautiful and voted up.



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