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Mars Facts

Updated on August 21, 2009

Interesting Facts about Mars

Did you know Mars was formed about 4.5 billion years ago!

A year on Mars is equivalent to 686.98 Earth Days.

Good news for weight conscious people. If you weighed 70 pounds on the Earth, you would weigh about 27 pounds on Mars. This is basically due to strong gravitational pull of Earth, which is not that strong on Mars.

Scientists believe that once there was large amount of water on Mars. Traces of rivers, lakes and even oceans have been found on the red planet. They dried up about 4 billion years a go. So researchers believe life might have existed on the planet.

Also, it is noticable that water in the frozen form exist under the surface of Mars.

This red planet is 227,940,000 km away from the sun.

It is made up of iron, covered by rock and then a thin layer of atmosphere.

The red planet currently has two moons i.e. Phobos and Deimos. Phobos will be eventually pulled by the planet and will crash into it.

Did you know the first person to observe Mars through a telescope was Galileo Galilee. He did that way back in 1609.

Winds blow on Mars upto 100km/h.

Mars is in fact the seventh largest planet in the Solar System.

Image Credits: NASA
Image Credits: NASA

The month of March is named after Mars.

Its atmosphere is mostly made up of Carbon Dioxide.

During the Viking missions to Mars, scientists were worried about contaminating the Martian environment with microbes from Earth.

It has a diameter of 6794.4 km.

Mars has the tallest mountain in the Solar System, Olympus Mons. It stands at an altitude of 24 km (78,000 feet) with a base that is 600 km across.

Tilt of the red planet is 25.19 degrees.

The temperature in Mars fluctuates from a maximum of 0° C ( 32° F) to a minimum of -100° C (-148° F). Cold Place! Ain't it?

Density of this planet is 3.94 g/cm3.

Mars’ crust is thicker than Earth’s and is made up of one piece, unlike Earth’s crust which consists of several moving plates.

On August 27, 2003, the planet Mars made its closest approach to the Earth in nearly 60,000 years. It is calculated that the next time it will be that close again will be in the year 2287.


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    • profile image

      i luvs horses 

      6 years ago

      hahahahaha man/girl

    • profile image

      john Hancock 

      6 years ago

      nice facts. thanks for the help man/girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      8 years ago

      Lucky you Uma!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Mars was visible in 2003.I had a good look at it from this part of the globe.But I won't be there to see it again. :)Thanks for the info UH.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for sharing cool facts.

      your mars facts are very useful.

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      thnaks for sharing nice facts

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      9 years ago

      Thanx Dohn for making me realize of this huge mistake.

      Tomorrow is my last day of the Hub Challenge and got to complete 30 hubs, thus the typos. lol

      This hub challenge has forced me to catch you on this. :D

      Seems like your hub on Mars is quite worth reading. I will read that in detail once I am done with this Hub Challenge thing.

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Another good hub, UH. In my West Rim Hub, I mentioned that some of Mars' canyons are 7 to 10 times deeper than the Grand Canyon, clearly proving that Mars at one time, was vibrant with life (NaCl + H2O, natural components of life). No offense, but I found a small typo:

      Mars is in fact the seventh largest planet on Earth.

      Thought I mention it!

      Thanks again!

      Your catching up to to me on published hubs :D


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