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Mars into Capricorn

Updated on March 21, 2018
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a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

Mars into Capricorn

Mars has made his transition into Capricorn where he will reside for the next six weeks. Mars will square his own sign of Aries, where the Sun, Venus and Mercury are currently transiting. This will create challenges within partnerships/relationships until late March and communication issues, as Mercury retrogrades late March through to mid April. Perseverance and patience make for the best practices at this time. What can we expect from Mars and Capricorn? The combination of these energies are quite interesting, as Mars (fire) is raw driven energy and fast paced, and Capricorn (earth) is a very slow moving energy, ruled by Saturn who takes the time with attention to details. Mars in Capricorn is goal-orientated and hard working, it’s the pioneer, taking the initiative to make a move on the tasks at hand, in other words “get the job done, thoroughly!” This encourages you to stay on top of things in a more orderly fashion.

You will feel drive and determination with focused intention on your finances, career or change of it, and business ventures. Mars is impulsive and thrives on risk-taking, so while this can work well for most that are tenacious, spontaneous and enjoy the challenge in business or in life, Saturn currently residing in Capricorn, will pull the Martian energy to a halt, checking and examining all details before proceeding. You may experience the serious side of this transit or feelings of frustration and impatience arising as Mars in Capricorn doesn’t appreciate taking orders from others, preferring self micromanagement instead.. This energy is direct and to the point, especially with regards to the entrepreneurial skills and abilities Mars poccesses. Self-control and moderation are key components here to navigate your way through the transit with Mars in Capricorn, especially when he encounters a connection with both Saturn and Pluto currently residing in Capricorn.

Mars and Pluto

As an astrologer, it is my duty of care to make you aware of the Mars and Pluto energies when they come together, as they are one of the most volatile on the zodiac. When we encounter the advancement of this aspect, being square, opposite or conjunct, we can experience higher levels of violence, abuse (physical, mental or verbal), rape etc. Mars and Pluto rule our physical body, rage, anger, passion, desire and sexuality. Mars (aggression) will conjunct (side by side) Pluto (power) through mid-late April. The way around this hostile energy is through any means of physical exercise. I can’t stress this enough! Join a gym or design your own exercise program, participate in pilates or zumba! Practice something where the energy has an outlet to release. Connect with your partner, spouse or lover and engage in sexual activities... Make love, not war! By doing this, you redirect the energy avoiding any of the above mentioned situations causing you or anyone else harm.

It’s quite natural to become irritated, angry or aggressive with these two powerful planets. When this arises, be aware and recognise the triggers, they will be informing you of something as Pluto, the Underworld God, governs our secrets, what’s buried deep within the psyche and regeneration. As Mercury is currently transiting through Aries (ruled by Mars), inflicting verbal abuse is also highly likely during this time as it approaches the square aspect (challenge). Instead of unleashing your rage towards a work colleague, friend or loved one or even abusing yourself, find an outlet to release it, walk away if need be! Preservation is key here.. Re-enter the arena when you have cooled down, proceeding to resolve the situation with mutual understanding and communication. Once acts of violence and abuse enter into a relationship, it has serious repercussions and or consequences. Think (Mercury) before walking the path of destruction (Pluto). When this aspect is separating, the tension will dissipate.

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