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Math For Kids – Assisting Your Child To Learn Math

Updated on August 26, 2011

As a parent, it is your sole responsibility to look after the welfare of your child in different aspects. However, when it comes to the educational aspect, 50% is from the teacher (in school) and 50% is yours (at home). You can not just depend everything on the teacher. You need to be involved in every step of the way as your child is climbing the ladder of his educational attainment. One subject that has garnered a lot of problems from kids especially with regard to comprehension and analysis is Math.

As a parent, it is a must that you do assist your child when it comes to learning Math. You can spend at least 30 minutes out of your busy schedule with your child and teach him. But before you assist your child in learning Math, read on.

There are two resources that you can assist your child in order to learn Math:

1. Activities and games done at home.

If you think that you have enough knowledge when it comes to teaching your child about Math for kids’ lessons, then you can come up with activities and games that both of you will enjoy doing together.

The following are suggestions that you can use:

- Reading stories that would enable the child to tickle his mathematical ideas. You can use concept books, number books, counting books and even storybooks. There are a lot of resources that you can find online or at a nearby bookstore. Try to search for books that do have images with great colors, bold letters and of course interesting to your child’s taste.

- Using a resource kit that would enable to help fill in your inadequacy with regard to teaching your child with Math subject. A good kit consists of the following, planning guide, posters, video-tape, stickers, brochure, suggested Math activities, and a lot more.

- If you got the money, why not spend it on buying software online that will enable your child to learn Math on his own through answering questions, reading lessons, and taking fun-filled activities using the desktop. Although, this is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth the investment.

2. In partnership with the teacher of your child.

The teacher does know the performance of your child in school. He is the one who has a first-hand experience with regard to your child’s mental capacity. If you are a bit hesitant as to how you are going to teach Math for kids’ lessons at home, you can ask assistance from the teacher. This is where you will form partnership with your child’s teacher in order to make your child learn Math a little bit more and not be left behind with the rest in school.

The teacher can help you with in the following:

- Creating and putting up a study system for you and your child at home.

- Understanding the proper sequence of teaching and enhancing Math skills to your child.

- Giving suggestions with regard to the activities and materials to be used that are inclined with your child’s mental capacity.

- Providing you with clear and brief guidance in using the materials.

- Giving you feedback as to whether or not the home activities that you and your child are engaged in are successful.

- Knowing the right time to stop assisting your child at home.

At the end of the day, it is your child’s interest that is the top most priority here. You want to make sure that you are tapping his potential at an early age but not drilling his brain in order to learn Math. You can find Math for kids’ lessons online. All it takes is for you to look around and pick which ones will work well with your child. If you are doubtful do ask the help of your child’s teacher.

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