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Teachers: Math Games & Websites for Grades 3 And Up

Updated on January 23, 2012
Math Symbols
Math Symbols | Source

I tried this game with 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and all of them seemed to enjoy it!

Start by breaking your class into 2 teams. *Try to make the teams even in ability levels*
Line them up in a straight line going back, facing the white board or chalkboard that you are using.
They always seem to like if you let them pick a team name, so I usually allow them about a minute to come up with a name that everyone on the team agrees with.

This is a head to head challenge. Have the first student in line from each team go up to the board, marker or chalk in hand.
Tell them what type of a problem you will be giving them (addition, subtraction, etc.)
Give them the problem (8x7)
The first player to write the correct answer and circle it receives a point for their team.
If a player gives an incorrect answer, allow them to erase and try again.
If it is a tie, give the challengers another problem.
I usually have them stop trying, and I give them another problem, if both players get the answer wrong 3 times.
You can play until a team reaches a certain amount of points, or for a time limit.

*You can use this game for review for almost any subject, just change the subject matter!*

Kids love it, and they are reviewing without even thinking about it!

Additional Websites to Consider


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