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Maths 11 plus practice exam paper (test paper B for 11+ exam)

Updated on August 19, 2011

Scores over 80% on this paper are a good indication of success. These questions will be good preparation for the 11 plus maths exam.

11+ Maths Test Paper B (by catman3000)

Maximum time allowed is 30 minutes. Calculators are not allowed.

1. Work out 12.7 – 2.94

2. Calculate 95.76 ÷ 7

3. A box contains 480 marbles. 35% of the marbles are blue. How many blue marbles are in the box?

4. Luke is n years old. Matthew is 3 times as old as Luke. Write down an expression for Matthew’s age.

5. Write down the amount of faces, edges and vertices of a cone?

6. A right angled triangle has side lengths 6cm, 8cm and 10cm. What is the area of the right angled triangle?

7. Martin spends 3/8 of his salary on bills. If he earns £24000 in one year, how much does he spend on bills?

8. Abbie thinks of a number. She take 3 off the number, squares it and then he halves the number. The answer she gets is 32. What is Abbies original number?

9. A square has a side length of 7x cm. Write down two expressions for the area and a perimeter of the square.

10. What is 27².

11. Work out the product of the cube of 2 and the square of 3.

12. Last month, Matt spent £150 on food. If this is 3/10 of his monthly wage, how much does Matt earn in one month?

13. Two numbers have a range of 22. If one of the numbers is 9, what is the other number? (2 answers must be given)

14. Give all the prime numbers between 30 and 50.

15. Andy wins £78336 on the lottery. He gives his money to 17 of his friends. How much does each friend receive, if each friend receives an equal amount?

16. The time is 5:48pm. What is the time in 195 minutes?

17. What is number halfway between 1.64 and 4.2?

18. What is the order of rotational symmetry of a parallelogram?

19. A square chicken pen has an area of 169m². What length of chicken wire is needed to go around the outside of the pen?

20. The distance between town A and town B on a map is 6 cm. If the scale is 2:250000, what is the real life distance between the towns in kilometres?

21. Find the value of x that satisfies this equation 2x - 5 = 6

22. Write down the 6th cube number.

23. The time on an analogue clock is 5 o clock. What is the angle between the two hands on the clock?

24. How many 20cm by 20cm square tiles will be needed to fit in a rectangular area of 3.6m by 1.2m?

25. A quadrilateral has angles of x⁰,2x⁰,3x⁰ and 4x⁰. What is the size of the largest angle in the quadrilateral?


Score 1 mark for each question. A score of at least 80% should prove successful.

1. 9.76

2. 13.68

3. 168

4. 3n

5. 2 faces, 1 edge and 1 vertex.

6. 24cm²

7. £7200

8. 11

9. 49x² and 28x

10. 729

11. 72

12. £500

13. 31 or -13 (both answers must be given).

14. 31,37,41,43 and 47 (all numbers must be stated)

15. 4608

16. 9.03pm (the pm must be included)

17. 2.92

18. 2

19. 52m

20. 750000cm = 7500m = 7.5km

21. x = 5.5

22. 216

23. 150⁰ or 210⁰

24. 108

25. 144⁰


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