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Tips for Quick Maths for exams like CLAT

Updated on May 12, 2012

Get 100% in Maths section in CLAT

CLAT is becoming a very popular competitive exam in India. It is a 2 hour exams of 200 marks. There are various sections like Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, English, General Knowledge and Mathematics. The math section has typically 20 questions of 1 mark each. It is the easiest section but very few students are able to score a perfect 20/20. IT is possible for even the average students. The speed is the key which cannot be built in a couple of weeks coaching etcetra.

If a student has decided to take the CLAT exam and he or she is in class 12 or 11 there are some methods to be practiced to improve the speed.

1. Grab any opportunity to do a quick mental maths. When you are watchin a TV and hear some number related issues, try a quick math. While in grocery store or a hotel try to add the numbers mentally and match with final figures. Essentially fall in love with mental maths.

2. Master the number tables upto 30 may be. Every thing should be on your tip of the toungue so to say.

2. Remember the reverse of numbers 1/3, 1/7 etc.

3. Memorize the squres of upto 25

4. Find out some more resources like vadic maths etc which are available on net and youtube showing good techniques for solving questions in a lightening manner.

Get 20/20 to improve your rankings.

Additional Resources are given below


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