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Maximum Lifespan of Animals

Updated on August 30, 2015

Maximum Lifespan of Animals

Tortoise Lifespan is 152 years
Tortoise Lifespan is 152 years
Parrot Lifespan is 140 years
Parrot Lifespan is 140 years

All those who are born on this earth must die one day. But each living being has a lifespan that is common to its species. Some bacteria buried under snow or salt may live for more than a million years. Some plants too have a long span of life. It is among the animals along that some live for very short periods, while others have a long span of life.

Records of the maximum lifespan of some animals are as under:

Mayfly- 1 day

Rat- 2-3 years

Sheep- 10-15 years

Cat- 13-17 years

Rattlesnake- 18 years

Japanese Salamander- 55 years

Lake Sturgeon Fish- 82 years

Jellyfish- 1 year

Leech- 20 years

Lobster- over 50 years

Spider- 28 years

Beetle- 30 years

Tapeworm Echinococcus- 56 years

Clam Snail- 150 years

Tortoise- 152 years

Albatross- 33 years

Ostrich- 50 years

Andean Condor- 70 years

White Pelican- 51 years

Hippopotamus- 40 years

Elephant- 60 years

Lion- 25 years

Rhinoceros- 40 years

Horse- 30 years

Bear- 34 years

Monkey- 20 years

Dog- 22 years

Human Being- 118 years

Parrot- 140 years

Sparrow- 23 years

Carp Fish- 25 years

Cat Fish- 60 years

Eel- 50 years


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    • lauramaryscott profile image

      lauramaryscott 5 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Thanks for sharing. This was interesting.