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Me Alone On An Island.....5 Things I Need

Updated on May 8, 2011

You Are Here

Genie in the Bottle

Found Another Question!

Fellow Hubber ChilliWilly asks the question "List Five Things You Would Need To Survive, If Left Alone on a Deserted Island".Okay, it's more of a request then a question. Here is the link if you want to view the answers.

Before I begin my list I request a moment of silence for those that didn't survive the accident. Since I'm alone it's obvious that others have perished.Of course, I might have been left here by Pirates scared I would steal their gold.However, chances are I'm the sole survivor of a tragic event. Rest In Peace my fellow travelers.

I guess the first thing I would want is food. I would want plenty of it. Doesn't matter if it washes ashore in giant crates. or I have a massive food source. I'm not even concerned if I have to cook it or not. If hungry enough I'll eat anything raw. Besides, I'm hoping my fire starting skills are still in peak condition.

For my second choice, you probably think I would require shelter. Not so. You see, I'm not staying on this Island long. Since this is a make believe question, I'm making my pretend world comfortable. My second item is a boat that is capable of sailing the seas. It must come with a gas powered engine. It must also be floating in the water already. A beached boat does me no good.This is my ticket off this forsaken Island!

Third choice, lots of gas. Not the kind that exits your body after the baked bean dinner, but the kind that will make my boat's motor run. Having a boat and motor without gas is not good planning at all. I'll want more then a one gallon container. I'll want enough gas for several hours of travel.

My forth choice is the latest map of the island and the closest land mass with human life on it. In a perfect world I'd get a Google map with driving directions, but I don't think Google deals with waterways. I'm sure Google could tell me what ocean I'm in, but not which way to get out.

My final choice would be a working magic lamp with a good Genie inside. I don't want one of those evil ones that will try to trick me out of my three wishes. I want a nice one. This will be my backup plan. If anything should go wrong with my first plan, I'll just wish myself home.

So all you people that requested stuff to survive, I feel sorry for you. While you lay waiting to be rescued, I'm planning for my escape. Fear not, If I have any wishes left I'll wish you all home.

So there is my list. I'm taking my food, map, gas and getting on my boat. I'm bringing the Genie along as back up. If all goes well, I'll be seeing you soon.


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    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      If you have genie, you don't need anything else. Just ask genie to bring you home and all problem will be solve. ^_^

    • profile image


      7 years ago



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