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Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine Philippine Law and International Law

Updated on August 21, 2010

PLUG Law : Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine

What is the Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine? What is its importance to the Philippines?
What is the Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine? What is its importance to the Philippines?

1987 Philippine Constitution Article 1 National Territory, Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine

Meaning of Archipelago Doctrine

Under this doctrine, the Philippine Archipelago is considered as one integrated unit instead of being divided into more than seven thousand island. This assertion together with the application of the straight baseline method, is what is referred as the Archipelagic Doctrine.

            Archipelagic Doctrine , by using this Method, the outermost point of our archipelago are connected with straight baseline and all waters inside the baseline are considered as internal waters. 


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