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What is Medical Content Proofreading?

Updated on October 26, 2012

Medical content proofreading in simple words can be called as proofreading of medical journals, white papers, medical publishing content, healthcare website text, medical transcription documents, medical education material, etc. The job can entail editing and proofreading any type of medical data for grammar, spelling mistakes, medical word errors, medicine dosage errors, or anything related to the healthcare and medicare industry. Due to the recent change in medicolegal norms and increased cases of medical errors, medical content proofreading has become the most important part of content management system for clinics, hospitals, independent doctors, surgery centers, and medical website owners.

Non-edited medical documents have become highly sensitive issues among clinicians and healthcare providers. These unnoticed errors could cause devastating effects on the patient sometimes leading to disability or death. Also, according to a recent study by World Health Organization, medical errors have been among the top 10 killers around the world. This is the ultimate reason why there is a sudden rise in demand for medical content proofreaders who can check the content for grammatical and spelling errors, reformatting the medical phrases for accuracy providing an error free copy of medical content that can withstand any type of medical litigation cases.

A medical content proofreader also requires to have excellent online research skills.
A medical content proofreader also requires to have excellent online research skills. | Source

For the purpose of proofreading and editing medical content, there are several online and offline proofreading organizations that hire proofreaders who either hold an MD or MBBS degree and have vast knowledge of medical industry plus have strong medical writing and editing skills. Some proofreading companies also hire freelance medical content proofreaders for this purpose. Also, some proofreaders who check medical content belong to either pharmaceutical industry, a hospital, or have worked as a prior quality analyst in a medical transcription company.

Proofreading medical content is not only limited to checking medical, grammar, or spelling errors but can also include medical documents translation from a certain language to another language such as translating medical content from Chinese to English or Spanish to Portuguese language. Their work can also include editing of scientific papers or medical ad news. The work of a medical content proofreader can also involve proofreading medical conference materials, speech, lectures, secret scientific projects and confidential manuscripts.

Medical proofreading companies hire a freelance proofreader on the basis of online medical tests, CV and degree authentication, checking sample content, and a lengthy but fruitful online process so that they hire the best medical content proofreader for their clients. The scope of medical proofreading is very wide and being in the medical transcription industry for last 10 years, it is my firm belief that there will always be a lot of demand for medical content proofreaders around the world. The very big reason for this belief is because we, humans, are suffering from various types of diseases on a rapid basis and due to this, the health care industry is seeing tremendous growth. So if you are looking ahead to make medical content proofreading as a career, then you are heading in the right direction.


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      7 years ago

      Hey thanks a lot for this valuable info. Its great.

      I'm a medical student in final year(part 1) of my UG.Can I do this job.If so what all skills should I possess?



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