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Why people should do meditation?

Updated on March 22, 2015


Most of the people have tried meditation but have not continued despite interest. Meditation is like massage for your brain and more people should try to do this activity. Meditation helps you to relax and think in your life. Meditation can be breathing exercises and esoteric introspection.

A good twenty minutes of meditation can leave you feeling as rested as a whole night of sleep. Meditation makes you have an amazing feeling. You can meditate on the Scriptures or God's words. Some people live quiet meditation. Most people do not like to meditate because they could not sit still long enough. Some people when they try to meditate because they could not sit still long enough.

Some people when they try to meditate, end up falling asleep. There is a big connection between prayer and meditation. Meditation helps to refresh your mind. Meditation seems peaceful. Music can be some people's meditation. It is like therapy for the soul. Meditation is essentially clearing the mind and bringing awareness to your body.

Meditation helps you to focus on your body awareness, breath and peace of mind. Hindu people do transcendental mantra meditation. Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God. If you meditate in cross legged position, you will feel like floating. Most people do not meditate because they do not like to be left alone with their thoughts.

People do not like to think too hard because they might realize they need to make some major changes in their lives. Or worse, some people's thoughts might makes them realize that some people's thoughts might makes them realize that someone else was right and they were wrong, It is truly a tragedy for some people.

Meditation to some people is taking time to be quiet, pray and consider a passage of scripture. The practice of meditation is often more closely associated with yoga, transcendental meditation, relaxation therapy or the New Age movement. Meditation is used to lower blood pressure. Meditation helps to get a peace of mind no matter what is going on around you.

Meditation helps to get spiritual enlightenment if you are persistent about it. It is good to do a short meditation everyday as a part of morning and evening rituals. Some people find it hard to concentrate on any one thing. Meditation does not help people if their minds always wander away.

According to some groups, when you meditate, you do not think about anything at all and the answers just come to you. Meditation is used to clear one's mind. Going over and over a problem is obsessing but not meditating. When you seek a solution to anything, you are trying to use your own mind to solve a problem.

Another group thinks that you can meditate on a problem, go over it again and again seeking a solution. You can meditate on poetry, philosophy, passages from books and blessings in your life. Meditation is not necessarily clearing your mind.

Meditation is good for people whose mind bounces back and forth to a million different things at once and for those who cannot concentrate on one thing for a longer periods. Meditation helps them emptying their mind. For those who are having trouble meditating, close your eyes and focus on one spot of darkness and only that one spot. Your mind should be all about that one spot and nothing else.

Meditation helps you to get rid of anxiety. Some people listen to guided meditation podcast to help them relax and sleep. Studies show that those who pray go through a state of meditation. Meditation makes you learn how to still your mind and be more aware , handle the difficulties of our daily lives better, deal with stress in more constructive ways, pay more attention to our own inner processes and find peace whether it be with ourselves or with God. Meditation helps circulate blood on your brain.

Meditation is a great way for your mind to relax allowing you to think clearer. Meditation is supposed to be easy or fun or interesting. Meditation can affect and change a person spiritually, getting a deep construction and more full answers. Meditation is good for your health, mental and physical. Meditation calms the mind and quiets the chatter in your head, slow the breath and thus reducing stress and anxiety and helps a person live in the moment i.e. no reviewing the past and no worries of the future.

If you attempt meditation, do not give up after the first time, you can do this from any seated position so do not fret about being uncomfortable sitting on the floor feeling like a pretzel and ordinary stimuli like sounds and smells may seem magnified but that is only because we rarely closely our eyes and really notice on environment with time you will be able to focus and ignore this.

Meditation does not have to same for everyone. Lifting weights, counting the reps, focusing on the movement is meditation. When you first start your meditation, try to go in a comfortable and quiet space away from anything and every distraction such as other people, outside and children. Meditation can be closer to self hypnosis when you reach that state.

Meditate, to some people means to just think deeply about something. Meditating daily helps in perfect decision making. Meditation does help bring the calm back to some people's lives. Meditation brings back clarity to people. Meditation has many different effects, sometimes one might meditate for focus or religious reasons other times one might meditate to strengthen their spiritual aspects and sometimes one might meditate in order to become more relaxed or fall to sleep easily.

Meditation is a discipline and it takes enormous amount of energy and focus. Meditation implies quietness and being left alone to your thoughts. There is calm music that could be used during meditation especially if someone lives in a noisy place. Meditation can help drown out all that noise and help them focus.

Meditation is learning more about yourself and what you are capable off. Meditation can be anything, just time to yourself to de-stress and re-energize even listening to music and gardening. Meditation helps to calm your nerves. Meditation is an ancient method. One should always try to make it happen.

Our health, peace, prosperity and connection to our core spirituality are equally important. We all have a purpose and meditation helps us to connect that. Meditating helps your to recuperate after a stressful day. Meditation really just allows me to control my thoughts by focusing on pushing out the stress in my life so I can handle it more effectively.

Meditation takes dedication. If more people would meditate this would be much more peaceful world. Meditation can help you overcome daily stress that life brings and in the midst of all the confusion and frustration it can bring you peace. Meditation is enjoyable and relaxing and totally awesome when I get a deeper understanding of something. The key is to focus on one subject and think about it deeply without distractions and interruptions.


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