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Meditation and music meditation: how does sound influence us?

Updated on October 4, 2012
Moses "Burning Bush" - Byzantine mosaic
Moses "Burning Bush" - Byzantine mosaic

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Meditation and music meditation - how sounds influence us

Music is the art of sounds. Music stimulates the processes of cognition already in childhood, as well as it regulates some important bodily functions. It plays the leading role in language mastering and communication. Neurotic systems react to sounds which can be witnessed upon observation of the results of magnetic brain scanning. Music helps to prove that consciousness change can lead to neurotic change in the human brain.
Empirical data shows that music has a therapeutic impact on different pathologies. For example, regular listening to the Mozart’s sonata K448 diminishes the number of epileptic attacks. Rhythmical and audio images activate neurotic chains that reinforce the quality of brain work. Phonemic symbols mobilize instinctive emotional reactions.
Sounds are a language. A human body consists of water, initially, and the sounds of music influence water crystals: they form different structures depending on what kind of music you are listening to: Bach’s fugues (subtle and artistic structure) or heavy metal (vague and chaotic structure).
Integral medicine originates from the fact that a human being consists of material and energy that transmit vibrations that we can receive and accumulate, that we can exchange with. The body by itself is an information carrier: it generates electric and magnetic field that can be measured as light with the help of special cameras. This very light transmits information: colors, sounds, radiation become the biblical burning bush, God's Uncreated Energies that Moses saw on Mount Sinai.
Substance, electrical and magnetic phenomena create more developed biological forms that contain psychosomatic structures and the possibility as a result to find themselves in ethical and spiritual existence. Meditation is the state of brain, physically representing alpha and theta waves that allow the further study of this energetic arsenal. In Sahaja yoga, meditation is a spontaneous process that occurs when our attention is consciously drawn to the Sahasrara chakra - the place above our head.
It is impossible to make a definite conclusion on the topic, that is in constant development: the achievement of a certain musical harmony leads to the altered state of consciousness, and, undoubtedly, music is one of the strongest emotions’ stimulators. In its best revelation, as yogis know, music can transmit the energy of the emotional love, bringing us to the meta-emotional state of union.
Sahasrara chakra (the limbic area) is the place where the Kundalini energy and Atma energy merge together, it is a big celebration hall where one can enjoy the divine nectar, and it is clear that this marriage is not deprived of music!


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    • Pushplata profile image


      7 years ago from kanpur

      Its useful.


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