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Medtech - 2 - Watch German Textile Technology Video.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

What is Medtech.?

They are textiles and not fashion fabrics.They are in all forms such as Woven,Non Woven and Knitted depending on the end use in most cases and other factors such as cost,long life,good appearance and comfort.The various uses are Blankets,Bed Sheets,Pillow Cases,and Uniforms.These are wovens and Non Wovens not Knitted.Surgical Hosiery is Knitted.In the case of absorbent cotton it might be none of the above but cotton of a particular variety which is just opened clean cotton fully bleached removing all traces of chemicals used in bleaching.Uniforms and Isolation Gowns as also surgical gowns are with knitted cuffs,or may be even from breathable woven fabrics but with knitted cuffs and the entire dress treated with several treatments such as anti bacteria,anti septic,anti virus,anti germs,dust proof and fire proof with research going on in several areas such as Ultraviolet Radiation,X ray protected,Acid proof fluid repellent,cross contamination protected and other forms of hazards involved in health care.Blankets may be Non Woven and static current protected.Shoe covers are again made from woven or non woven in blue or white color with a non skid sole and one free size elastic cover around.Sutures may beĀ  stitching threads coated with such materials as Silicon in suitable form.Other items may be such as Vascular grafts,Artificial tendon,Artificial Joints and even Artificial Kidney which come from Technical Textiles special processing techniques.Sanitary Napkins,Incontinence Diapers,Baby Diapers may be manufactured from vegetable fibers such as cotton or Bamboo fibers or paper woven or non woven.Face Masks may be from woven or non woven.Research is going on in this area with Govt of India granting several crore to a research Institute in South India,No information is made publishable by this Research Institute though it is a public funded project.I do not know how a progress on research activities can be kept secret if it's funded from tax payers money.There must be a time bound project with permissible extension needed bu they cannot work like a private research organisation.We need to have a monitoring cell for such activities,but this is INDIA.We have to wait and watch the new Textile Minister's work in this heavy export sector.

What I read and hear in Media is poor.Do you agree.?

This is German Textile Technology.


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