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Memo To University of Phoenix Former Employees

Updated on January 16, 2010

University of Phoenix Online Former Employees

Today is October 20, 2009, and the purpose of this online article is to gather all former employees who have worked for the University of Phoenix Online that want to speak out against this diploma mill.

Please share with all of us the fraud that takes place at the University of Phoenix Online regarding student recruitment. Tell us how you were considered "sales people" and not sources of information, first and foremost, to a prospective student wanting to further their career by earning their college degree. Tell us that you recruited students including those that were not qualified enough on an educational level to complete the requirements of each course for their chosen program of study. Tell us that you set these students up only to have them fail in the long-run by having them repeat the same class several times, over and over, and over again, so that the University of Phoenix could get paid over and over again from students who were not competent on an educational level to complete the requirements for the course. 

Please share with us "other" unscrupulous business practices that took place at the University of Phoenix Online. Prove to us that you had to lie on an unqualified students application so that the student could legally obtain student loans. Tell us what areas of the student application you lied on.

Next up is former academic counselors that have worked for the University of Phoenix who want to speak out against this fraudulent business.  Tell us all the complaints you received from students regarding instructors that didn't want to help them at all.  Tell us how students constantly called and emailed their instructors asking for help only to have the instructor finally contacting the student a week after the class is already over and ultimately leaving the student to fail the class or repeat the same class again so the University of Phoenix can get paid, yet again, for a student repeating the same class when clearly the instructor didn't offer any help at all!

Tell us just how loud the "Department of Sales" cheer was at the company parties.

This is exactly the same thing the University of Phoenix Online is doing according to a report by CBS News.

For-Profit College: Costly Lesson

Steve Kroft Reports Whether Or Not Career Colleges Pay Off

And this is what is going to happen to the University of Phoenix Online when they shut down for good!

But it will read on the web site: "The University of Phoenix is no longer open. We regret to inform you that we have lied to you over the years and have only been interested in your money. We didn't care about the quality of education you received, only that you enroll in our worthless degree seeking programs so that our bank accounts can get paid with your student loan money. That is why our web site is shut down."


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