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Memphis Technical Colleges

Updated on October 2, 2012

Vocational Colleges in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee Colleges

Besides being the largest city in the state of Tennessee and the 20th largest in the nation, Memphis is also a national transportation centre that holds links to several neighbouring states. The city’s perfect location at the central part of the South-eastern United States largely contributes to its economic development. With its considerably proactive business environment, Memphis attracts students from all over United States every year to seek education at various Memphis Technical Colleges. The growing need for labour force in the fields of manufacturing, medicine, hospitality industry, professional and business services, transportation, government, and education, increases the demand for high quality vocational education. Memphis Technical Colleges provide unique learning experiences with its mixture of academic rigor, exceptional instructions, and hands-on training through internships at different conglomerates and local corporations widespread in the city. Also, students get to choose from a huge range of trade programs from hair designing, network and communications, and web development to tourism management, administrative assistance, and business among others.

Just like in any other schools, studying at a Memphis Technical College has its own list of advantages. These schools rest in a city that is home to three Fortune500 companies and other large local corporations. This creates huge opportunities for the students to explore their chosen fields by conducting their OJTs or internships at these companies. Some Memphis Technical Colleges offer online courses which are ideal for working students who cannot really attend indoor classes. This will give them the chance to study while having a job. Also, recently, Memphis launched its plan to make the city an entertainment hub by developing its local film industry to compete with the Hollywood calibre. Prospective students who are interested to be part of this growing industry can enrol in various trade programs like 3D animation, film and sound production, and cinematic arts at any Memphis Technical College. Each school renders a totally distinctive core curriculum that is specifically designed to meet students’ unique preference.

Graduates of Memphis Technical Colleges can obtain employment within and outside the city. They can work in hospitals and clinics as medical technicians, assistant nurses, or medical equipment operators. Those who graduated with business related degrees or diplomas can acquire jobs at any banking and finance firms anywhere in the country or even overseas. A huge list of banking institutions is constantly looking for administrative assistants, secretary, and clerical workers among others. Other graduates can choose to work in radio stations, auto repair shops, salons, and even at the police departments. Indeed, boundless opportunities are in store for those pursuing technical education.

It is best to take advantage of a technical education of your interest nowadays, considering the economic crisis that is blighting the world economy today. Memphis Technical Colleges can provide the necessary preparation that will help students achieve their career goals in life. The quality of instruction, well-rounded curriculum, and the applied training at Memphis Technical Colleges will surely arm students with the right arsenal to compete in today’s extremely competitive market.


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