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Mentality and Philosophy

Updated on February 27, 2013

The Truth Makes You Feel Bad?

Belief in religion makes people feel better about there life, Nihilistic philosophy, or the lack of belief in a meaning, makes people feel hopeless and depressed. Deterministic beliefs makes people feel less free. We associate beliefs with certain emotions and mentalities and view them as the cause.

Religion, as viewed in the Marxist worldview is simply a coping mechanism for the lower classes. A source of hope where there would, in reality, be none. For the atheist, however, religion often has a significantly different emotive affect. The point here is that the emotional connotations of ideas are not set. An idea can have a beneficial or detrimental affect on our mentality depending on our perception. Often an idea that makes us feel good is more likely to be accepted as true than idea that makes us feel bad.

We don't need to have emotional reactions to ideas. An idea, or a proposition, about the workings of the world, is valuable in that, if it is true, it will better prepare us to better react to the world and attain our goals. So, that being a concepts true value, emotive reactions to ideas seems counter intuitive to the aim of attaining truth.

It can be argued that the only value in truth is that it might itself lead to a more efficient pursuit of positive emotion and the reduction of negative emotion. So is it possible that forgoing the immediate emotional reaction to an idea is a more efficient way to attain happiness?

If ideas have no objective emotional reaction associated with them and perception can dictate how an idea makes us feel is it possible to choose to have a positive emotional reaction to all truth? After all the truth is the truth whether we believe it or not. If the same awe and respect that is given to the idea of religion and god was instead given to truth then does it become possible to believe the truth while inventing your own emotional mentality and If we have truth and happiness is that not the definition of enlightenment?

The truth is more divine than any god


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      Nigel 5 years ago

      We are the iconoclast!

      ... I use the term loosely and in the way it is often ambiguoufied