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Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Updated on February 10, 2018
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Sheryl has been interested in astrology since childhood. She has studied and worked with many astrologers for over 20 years.

We currently have Mercury retrograde, of all the retrogrades, Mercury is the most well-known! Actually currently 5 of the 10 planets are retrograde so lots of introspection going on! Mercury is an inner planet & is associated with the way we think, as it rules the mind & how we communicate. During this time however, you may find that your brain & your communication have a little trouble connecting as sometimes what you are thinking doesn't quite come across that way in speech, under the influence of Mercury retrograde.

For those who aren't familiar with this term, a retrograde planet is when the energy of a particular planet reverses, all the growth we obtain while it's in forward momentum, is now able to be integrated if we take the time to allow it. It can be a frustrating time; however, it is important to go within. Mercury retrogrades 3-4 a year & its energy is in reverse for approximately 3 weeks. The themes affiliated around Mercury are more about our daily routines (being an inner planet) it governs things like our communication, technology, computers, phones, emails, cars, keys, contracts, it is not a good time to begin something new, sign contracts, buy a new house or car, buy any new electrical goods, start a new job or business, get married, begin a relationship or end one, selling a house as the contract may fall over when Mercury is direct. The reason for this under this retrograde is due to it will not last, information can be misinterpreted or something better will happen on its station to going direct. It's temporary!!! What is great about this time apart from going within & learning, is reviewing, researching an idea, renovation, anything with "re" in front of it.

As Mercury is currently retrograding in its own sign of Virgo which rules the 6th on the natural astrology chart, themes that may present themselves at this time will be around work & health, this is a general overview though, it will be different for each individual as everyone has their own astrology, so it will be where Mercury & Virgo both lands in your own charts. We are in eclipse season, with the Leo new moon eclipse ahead of us & the fact that we are in a numerology 9 month globally. The 9 is about finishing & completing things that we no longer need, so again, this is asking us to allow things that no longer serve us in our lives, to let go.

The eclipses herald endings & beginnings as things are eclipsed & Mercury is assisting with the energy of both the 9 month & the eclipses, a very powerful time for each of us if we embrace it & allow the time to reflect & integrate all we have learned to this point in time. Being that this is a numerological universal 1-year, new beginnings are on the horizon, with the 1 & the 9 it’s all about endings & new beginnings.

Mercury Retrograde Dates
Brisbane - London - Los Angeles
Mercury retrogrades 13 August @ 11 degrees Virgo
Mercury stations direct 5th September @ 28 degrees Leo

Please if you can, leave it a day or 2 after Mercury stations direct to proceed with anything new, just to be clear of the retrograde energy. Now life does need to go on during retrograde periods, if you do need to sign a contract of any sort during the retrograde period, read all of the fine print, the devil is in the details & Mercury is known as the "trickster"!

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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