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Mexico's Immigration Problem with Latin America

Updated on April 30, 2013

" I want to go to America". America is still THE country most of world's population wants to go to for a better life. For many, if that means illegally, so be it. America is their hope of hopes, their dream.

While many sneaking in are from Mexico, that is, Mexican natives, there are also many not from Mexico, but Latin America. These people easily number thousands, most poor, that travel along the main roads from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and others into Mexico to reach the US border. The US Customs even post signs in Spanish warning of these people about the dangers have traveling through Mexico. Mexico spends $300 each year trying to reduce the illegals crossing from Latin America into Mexico on their way to America. The main highway has eight checkpoints, but only half are staffed and many agents do not enforce Mexico's laws. At the Suchiate River, as the Mexican customs officers stop those crossing at the bridge, many others are entering underneath.

Each year, about 100,000 illegals captured by US Customs are not Mexican, but from many Latin American countries. Unlike American immigration, Mexico cannot afford of housing and feeding illegals entering from its southern border. So, enforcement is weak. How much should the US give to Mexico to fight their own immigration problem because ultimately, it is a US problem (unless the illegals stay in Mexico)?

Most of the Latin Americans fleeing north to America seek better jobs, safer conditions for family, not live in fear of corruption and drug cartels.


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      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      It would be great if at least a portion of this illegal traffic could be stopped before they reach US borders, but that is not likely. The Mexican government even printed "comic books" to hand out to illegals warning them about the dangers involved in crossing the desert, and advising them what they needed to carry to survive the journey.

      Mexico doesn't want them in their country either.