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How Michael Jackson Changed My Life successful

Updated on November 21, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Michael Jackson

Constantly improve your talent

No doubt that there are people who influence the lives of people around the world. Michael Jackson did and still does. There are people who love him and adore him. At the same time, there are people who hate him and sickened by the sight of him or the mention of his name. His passing and the tragic end brought some changes in the view of many of us.

If you don't like him please forget that side for a few minutes, at least till you read this hub, however difficult that may be. It would be worth if you do so. Because he can teach you an important lesson, which you will not forget till the end of your life. It will benefit you in your days to come. His lesson will improve your life and help you to lead a more successful and happy life.

Just like everyone I personally was fascinated by how effortlessly he moved, danced as if floating on the air and how he could sing any style of song. When I didn't understand what it took to be successful, I would see that talent and assumed, like many other people, it was God-given. It came so easy to Michael Jackson and other successful people. Never thought or asked, "How he got these skills?"

A few days back I read about him. From interviews and from those who knew him well, learned that he had been dancing, singing and entertaining since he was a very young child. He was dancing and singing on a daily basis. Years and years of practice brought him where he was. It got him the position of the King of Pop Music.

Obviously, he had natural talent like all of the most successful people in any field do. Talent alone is not enough. We all have some talent where we could be great at. But it cannot take you very far unless you ready, willing and able to put time and effort in to develop it.

Look at Michael Fred Phelps, (It is a coincidence both Michael's "Phelps" and "Jackson" come into my hub) the Great Swimmer, who won many Olympics Gold Medals. He was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ( Thank God! Many of us are not diagnosed with such disorders.) He started swimming at the age of Seven, partly because of the influence of his sisters and partly to provide him with an outlet for his energy. If you ask him he would say he put a lot of time and energy into his swimming which brought him the position of Olympic Gold Medalist.

Look at the most successful people in every field, whether it is in Business, Politics, Entertainment, Fitness, Sports, Social Skills, Academics... Didn't matter, all share a few definite traits that make them successful. They love it, they work on it, Put a lot of time on it and willing to give up something for it. It is clear that if you pursue a worthwhile goal and put a lot of effort and time in learning and working on it, it will change your life 180 degrees.

If you could learn to motivate yourself to ignore temptation, to avoid people who want to keep you down, able to keep your eyes on your objectives, then you could literally be anything you wanted to be. Like Michael Jackson, if your practice with the purpose for many hours each day, you could be the best in the world in that one skill. You can start with watching someone who seemed to float over the ground as if he wasn't even touching it. With practice, we can accomplish amazing things. The key is to focus on what you are on.

You are in the driver's seat of your life, when you are able to control your thoughts and emotions. Michael Jackson and many others proved that. With a powerful mind and trained skills comes success. And the good news is that you could also be a success, if you are willing to do that. Control your mind to keep yourself confident, motivated, going the right direction and never quit. That what successful people do. You can understand this myth form the story of Tortoise and the Hare. Tortoise, even though very slow, was focused on his goal and didn't quit. That is why tortoise won the race. It is very simple to understand. But the question is how many people put efforts to do meaningful work they love and master it and develop their talents? Sadly there are not many.

Another lesson we learned from the life of Michael Jackson is that making money doesn't mean that you are a successful person. We need to keep the balance in different areas of our life. Even though he was a successful entertainer, best dancer and singer, he was a failure in other important parts of his life. He was unable to live a normal healthy life. He was on drugs. Now the question is whether we could call him a success of a failure?

There are many things which need to be taken in to account for leading a healthy and successful life. There should be normality in your relations, your health, your surroundings, your spirituality, your environment....

May the Almighty help us to lead a successful life in all the areas of our life.

Wish you all the very best in your life.

Leadership Quality - Barack Obama


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