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Michio Kaku Makes Science Entertaining

Updated on November 6, 2015

I have a basic high school education. The only science class I had was Earth Science. I think this is where I dissected an earthworm. I only took enough math to fulfill the requirements for graduation. I didn't excel at math, struggled with geometry and barely recall algebra of any kind. I graduated with the belief that I would never need, nor have an interest in, mathematics or science. I would find that I was largely correct.

I went to college for a year with a major in English. After dropping out of college, I had a parade of jobs including waitressing, cooking, locating underground utilities, selling timeshares for a company out of 'Vegas, bartending and operating a punch-press. At the age of 33 I returned to college. I needed the assistance of an 18- year- old high school senior to understand my chemistry class. I had a math tutor. However, there was an interesting difference between my thirties and when I was in high school; I found I actually enjoyed science and math, they were interesting!

In 2001, the movie A Beautiful Mind about the life of John Nash came out. I went online after see in this movie and learned more about Mr. Nash and his Nobel Prize. I learned about String Theory and read many articles both by Nash and his contemporaries. I did this purely for enjoyment, not for the sake of formal education. There were many things I could barely grasp and I had no one to explain them to me. I did the best I could to digest what I had read.

I managed to work in healthcare for the next thirteen years and never took another class in math or science. Then the writer in me came out and I decided to write a novel. My book, which is still in progress, required a little manipulation of the time/space continuum. I want my novel to intelligently explain how things progress, so I went to the internet to learn about scientific findings involving time, space and consciousness. It was during this research that I discovered YouTube videos by Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku is a theoretical Physicist at City College of New York. He has many videos on YouTube ranging in topics from The Big Bang Theory to Alien Life. Mr. Kaku helped me to understand the basic concepts of consciousness and the possibility of time-travel as well as introducing me to the Multiverse Theory.

Kaku is personable and engaging. He takes daunting subjects that require science above my educational level and brings them down to a conversational level where I find myself interested and able to follow his train of thought. I was absolutely captivated when I listened to him explain how a computer chip implanted in the hippocampus of an amputee can improve his or her quality of life by allowing the individual to control a computer cursor without the use of a mouse. I watched a video of him disputing the theories of Steven Hawkings. I was equally impressed when I listened to him explain his hypothesis regarding human consciousness. and it's capability of being uploaded to a computer for future use.

Michio Kaku has turned into my "Rock Star" science idol. He has the knowledge and the ability to communicate it, which many intelligent people lack. If you have children aged middle-school or higher, I would recommend trying to get them to watch some of the Michio Kaku videos before they give up on science and math. Now I know that some teachers are inferior, either in intellect or their ability to teach. Kaku takes extraordinary science and brings it to the layman's level. When you watch a science video featuring Michio Kaku, you will be entertained and you might learn something along the way!


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    • annasmom profile image

      annasmom 2 years ago

      Thanks Duane! And thanks for reading!

    • Duane Townsend profile image

      Duane Townsend 2 years ago from Detroit

      Michio Kaku makes complex dense science accessible to the average adult. He does great work. Great Hub annasmom.