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Microsoft Word Bug Needs To Be Fixed For Hubbers

Updated on May 15, 2009

After publishing my latest hub today, "The United States Economy Right Now," I noticed that as I copied and pasted my entire article from Microsoft Word 2003 into the text area of the hub, there's tiny programming errors that occurred for example, some words will appear twice when they shouldn't.  I'm trying to save my reputation as being a God of English grammar and writing.

I just thought I'd share that with the hubbing community for writers who copy their articles from a Word document and paste it into their hub. I've noticed that many hubs on here have grammar and spelling mistakes and these small errors can be catastrophic for this online writing community. Lets all band together as happy hubbers and have the team of computer programmers fix this error immediately! For now I've refrained from my using my hubs for showcasing my work to prospective clients who want to hire me as their writer.

I tried correcting the problem in my hub just now and it wasn't successful so if you're wondering why my hubs have many grammar mistakes, at least this little insight about working offline in Word documents and then copying and pasting the article in your hubs, you'll understand why. This can pose a serious problem for writers and might damage their career as an author if their literature works on are saturated with English grammar and writing mistakes. This can also affect your hub scores but it's not your fault, it's the computer programmers fault.

Until the programming errors are fixed, I will have to type directly into the hub instead of work offline using a Word document.  It's easier for me to work offline on topics I'm interested in writing about and I encourage all fellow hubbers to refrain from copying and pasting your articles from a Word document into your hub.  Don't say I didn't warn anyone! 


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