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Mild Hypnosis

Updated on March 13, 2015

Mild Hypnosis

Asking Relevant questions to help place Candidates in a Position that is allined to their Dreams..‎‎With a primary cause of putting your past to rest.Helping you look forward to the future no matter how dark yesterday may have been.
When dealing with a traumatised child or adult .
Find out how old was the child when the parent passed on?What are the earliest memories the child has of the parent?What physical features about the parent do they remember most?
What smells or scents do they associate with their childhood?
What is the first song? Cartoon? Or movie can they remember.
Their favourite artist.What they admire about the artist? Lifestyle, Instrument or lyrics.
3 most challenging situations in their childhood or youth.How did they over come them?
Do they have a good support structure?
Who can they count on?
Which religion they belong to?
Why they believe in God?
Do they have any negative thoughts?
Have they ever been depressed clinically?
Have you ever thought of committing suicide?
Did you seek professional help from a Social Worker Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
Are you married?
Do you have children of your own?
When did you matriculate?
Did you study future than high school?
Do you have a job?
Are you saving or working towards your dreams?
What is your greatest wish before you leave Earth?

NEVER think your Dream is unattainable!!


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