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Mind Control Systems

Updated on July 29, 2015

Mind Control Systems

Mind Control Systems

Systems Control the Mind

Control Systems Mind

For we human beings yes we are created

In the image of Angels.

Pacified yet not free from sin suffering and ‎death.

Before ‎birth and after our demise.

The origin ‎of the soul,does the spirit rest when it

awakened ‎by the gift of life?

What are we to do with the Gift of life?

Take care of self learn educate enhance and better

our immediate surrounding environment.

What lies in our mind society and our immediate

surroundings shape our dreams and reality.

So we can not depict what lies in society nor

can we control those around us. Yet we have

absolute authority over what lies in our minds.


The world with the aid of governments politics

And religions, install and create the symbols

within our immediate surroundings .


By nature there is day and night, that is absolutely


Yet think about how much of your day is spent

doing the hobbies or activities that you enjoy‎.


Are you living?

Can you afford to dream?

We need a job to generate income, there is

absolutely nothing sinister about that‎.

Yet my issues with mass employment unless

you have a tertiary university education

your job will pay you peanuts keeping you

living from hand to mouth. It will be almost

impossible to buy and own your home by the age

of 40. Let alone will your children get a Premium

well deserved quality education ‎so they can

sustain their lifestyle and reach for greater


Norms in what we know as life.

So we spend 5 days at work earning a living and

Income so we can pay for the food we eat, the

cloths we wear the house we live, the car we drive

And the spare cash to go shopping and relax the


The Mind

If the Mind is consumed by all these

responsibilities , where are we to find time

to break the chains that bind us to the norms of


Yes the general notion is revolution at times

Is not peaceful and the Powers that be will not

want change as they will no longer profit from the

hard work and labor of the citizens of their

Empire or country, Yet the masses elect those in

power election after election, blinded by

empty promises and lack of education.

So what are to do with the Chains of Poverty?

Get a job?

Where you will get minimum wages.

Get an education ?

You will be able to move from the slum to middle

class‎ then the elite Nobles.

What are to do to Cease a suffering?

It starts with self?

Unfortunately we either Born poor or rich.

Is there a way to make sure the parents of a child

may be compelled to raise a child in a sound

spiritual and with an astute religious sense,

as to not make a child later on a burden to society?

By the time children start school their personality

has been shaped by their experiences in


Is it possible to monitor the parents and child

As soon as the child comes into the world and

even during pregnancy. If all countries 1st world

and 3rd world, clinics and hospitals with the aid of

the government ‎and head of state, as soon a

mother is pregnant ‎she has to go to a clinic or

hospital for check up to see if the baby is healthy.

Social Workers Psychologists and Psychiatrists

One of the above professionals would converse

And council the parents mother and father.

Make sure they are financially stable and the child

Is healthy.

Give them material on how to educate a child

How to have patience. The professionals should

stress how important it is for the parents to show

affection and compassion towards each other.

Where there is domestic violence the necessary

And steps should be taken to eradicate the issue

Or problem.

So by the time the child starts school the teachers

Have a balanced child.


Let us live in the moment.

Enjoy today for tomorrow is promised to nobody.

Make sure our shelter or dwelling place is filled

With that all we cherish and desire.

Let us inspire our loved ones and most dearest to

us. Let continually better self.

Let us be role models.

Let us be proud.

Let us be the Hero's of tomorrow.

Mind Control Systems

Systems Control The Mind

Control Systems Mind

Gods Poet Nkosi



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