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Misplaced Values System: Giving Importance to Mundane

Updated on September 9, 2012

On people, sheep, and snail

People are likened to a flock of sheep or to a snail.

Sheep must flock together and must follow one another; or a sheep must follow the one closest to its eyes, otherwise it will lose its way and will get lost for good.

Sheep, by nature, are short-sighted; they don’t have to think, they just follow blindly and that is all that they have in all their lives.

Similar to sheep, people are social beings, they need one another to base the direction of the individual life, to warm their lives, and perhaps to put colors into their lives; these are only among the other complex reasons to need other people.

A snail is cold so that it will need another snail or anything to warm its body and whoever or whatever is closest to it regardless of qualification and quantification, is/are the one/s that warm its life.

Like a snail, people are normally warmth and molded by the nature of its belonging to a social group or environment, the culture.

The only difference between people and these lower forms of animals, is that, humans are endowed with the ability to think, they can choose what to think, they can qualify and pre-qualify the nature of their thought processes, and they are far above in the nature of their intellectual capacity which, when compared to brutes, can be unlimited if they choose to.

To think is to philosophize in which one questions the validity and values of an idea or a premise.

The following are some questions if answered in the core of your being, could lead to finding within yourself what values system dominates your flow of thinking.

What do you value most in your life?

How much do you value your job?

Given a specific situation, “Which is more important to you, the job you have in a given time or a certain relationship that may have conflict with such job?”

In terms of values system, I would like to quote the biblical verses to the effect as follows;

“…do not worry about your life, or about your body…on what to eat, what to wear, what to drink…the body is more than food and clothing…the birds and the lilies don’t worry and work but are fed and are arrayed with beauty;…people are more of value than the birds and the lilies…worrying cannot change things..”

By nature, human beings are supposedly far higher in value than anything natural and man-made in this world. What you value most is the most important thing that could affect the quality of your life in any phase.

Anyone in an individual level, who can see the essence of these statements, could have a much better life than any of those unwanted situations that one is in, in the personal level.

Just straighten out your values system. You can do that; you are naturally equipped with such ability, just search it within you and once you found it then you will be courageous enough to discover and live the life you deserve.


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