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Save the Planet use Moderation

Updated on September 1, 2014

Moderation / Balance: Cause and Effect

If you know who took this pic be happy to give them credit!
If you know who took this pic be happy to give them credit!

Trend to Excess

I've noticed over the course of my lifetime, that the trend toward excess far exceeds the trend toward moderation. This trend has led our population into a rapid decline. Excess consumption has caused our world eco structure to start breaking down. Waste is a big issue everywhere and recycling has not adequately succeeded in securing our future. Our deleterious level of excess is causing destruction to our atmosphere, terra firma, insects, birds, water and land animals including people. The emphasis of using moderation and adequate amounts instead of indulgance has been a key principle in many cultures and needs to be revisited.

The Ancient Greeks renowned for their intellectual pursuits recognized the destructive nature of excessive behavior. They coined the phrase; "Everything in Moderation." Although moderation may not have originally been coined by them, it was so important to them that they inscribed it in the temple of Apollo as a principle of life.

Growth and Personal Development

Moderation is considered a necessary part of growth and personal development. Moderation or "walking the mid ground" allows a person to achieve a natural flow in life, tends to allow for better health, and is considered a lifelong achievement in many cultures. When a ship makes less waves in the water, it stays a float and maintains a steady course. Although it has always been the way, moderation requires understanding of "cause" and "effect" that some never attain.

The Buddist philosophy of action simply states moderation principles of "cause" and "effect." To them the theory is simple, every time a person acts there is some intention. Whether wholesome or unwholesome, that intent determines the effect of the action. They recognize that all actions have consequences. Positive healthy actions provide positive Karma and negative unhealthy actions result in harmful Karma

How to Define Cause & Effect

Today, Social Psychologists spend endless hours attempting to define cause and effect. They state to establish a common ground or moderation is difficult. They use the scientific method to investigate what moderation means when drinking, eating, doing exercise, and in other conceptual pursuits. They have analysed and uncovered that certain actions cause differing effects. One wonders how the simple concept of "moderation" and "cause and effect" became so illusive.

Some how there has been a disconnect between childhood, manhood and womanhood learning. The cause and effect learning that once was has been forgotten, yet not yet fully departed from the Earth. Native Americans continue to teach balance of the mind, body and spirit or if you will, "moderation." To them respecting nature, understanding the flow of life, staying the course, and staving excessive technology makes sense. There understanding of excessive verses adequate is written within their spirituality. The "cause" and "effect" from moderation vs. excessive technology has throughout time wrought damage upon the world. This excess has yet to be realized by all.

Pesticides or Suicide?

Recently I heard on the news that the government was going to continue the use aerial insecticide spray in populated and farmland without consent of the mass population. They justify this insecticide spray as a method to alleviate mosquitoes infection. The spray will not only alleviate mosquitoes but harm other productive and necessary insects like lady bugs and bees. Cause and Effect has been ignored again.

To emphasizing adequate amounts instead of indulgance is a key principle in many cultures but in our world today induldegce is the key and moderation has no meaning. "Scientists have been alarmed and puzzled by declines in bee populations in the United States and other parts of the world. They have suspected that pesticides are playing a part, but to date their experiments have yielded conflicting, ambiguous results."

Guess who is not going to have pollinated flowers so we can eat their fruit. Wonder why there is no more honey on the shelf? "Einstein is supposed to have said humanity would have four years once the bees were gone."

There are other avenues to pursue instead of massive sprays. Lady Bugs have been used as environmentally friendly pest control by farmers for years. Their favorite food is aphids, but they also eat mites, scales, whitefly, and most other soft insects. They are known to eat cabbage moths, bollworms, tomato hornworms and broccoli worms. These bugs will eat up to 1,000 aphids in it's lifetime in both their larvae and adult stages. But not if insecticide get them first.

Sustainability vs Excess

The lack of knowledge about "Cause" and "Effect" spills over on the behavioral patterns of men, women, and children. Today many children grow up with Mothers and Fathers who give in to each whim creating yet another cycle of excess. They who never learned about moderation or that their actions have a direct effect on others as well as themselves have grown into adulthood and are creating yet another generation of individuals who believe in excess.

This lack of understanding continues the crisis of waste in our world. Individuals spend money in excess falling prey to debtors. They eat to excess causing injury to their good health and create unhealthy high BMI [body mass index] injuring their limbs. But instead of teaching balance and moderation; learning to pushing away excess food and stop wasteful eating man continues the spiral toward excess. If they could only learn to eat to sustain themselves.

The extreme reaction to man's evident weight problem has resulted in waves of fad diets that in some cases have eliminated necessary food sources that repair our body. Created massive amounts of fitness clubs run at time by individuals with with limited training and causing physical damage to the body. Many surgical fat removal proceedures have been done and also placing of loops adjustable gastric loop gastroplasty inside the body in an attempt to limit the food and eventual weight gain. Medicine to increase activity of the body functions plus medication issued to control diseases caused by excess weight could easily be eliminated with proper sustainable nutritional guidance. People need to learn cause and effect eating to sustain; eating in moderation.

This extreme emphasis on excess fat has backfired for some. Exacerbating the problem in reverse causing many untrained individuals to unnecessarily starve themselves and die from anorexia because of their fear of becoming fat. Again, cause and effect lessons in eating moderation would have prevented this unnecessary cost and loss of life.

We are all Visitors

If you know who took this pic be glad to give them credit!
If you know who took this pic be glad to give them credit!

Learn Moderation to Save Our Future

In conclusion the trend to excess has not only wrought destruction upon the earth but to the water, plants, insects and animals including humankind. The lack of knowledge about "Cause" and "Effect" spills over on the behavioral patterns of men, women, and children. Unfortunately people have forgotten the lessons learned in the past about moderation, sustainability, and necessity versus greed. It has been said in many circles that "today is a society of throw away" but that can be changed.

If everything in your life is but a reflection of the choices you have made in your life, but you have never be trained to use moderation, or that each action has an equal reaction, how can the course of your life be improved? If you never looked at your piece of the world through the eyes of a visitor and understood the reflection of what you have done, how can you help change all our tomorrows? It is important everyone learn what a footprint is and understand the art of moderation, sustainability, cause and the resulting effect so we will have tomorrow. Become an eco advocate and see how the action you cause results in a positive effect for a better future starting today!


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