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More Facts About The Empire State Building

Updated on September 30, 2012

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in its early days.
The Empire State Building in its early days. | Source

The Empire State Building - A Famous Landmark

The Empire State Building was constructed in 1931. The Empire State Building is privately owned and is not run by or owned by the State of New York, or New York City.

When The Empire State Building was built, it was known as a modern marvel. It was constructed during the days of the depression, yet symbolized great hope and inspiration for a city who’s spirit showed they will prevail.

When 9/11 happened in 2001, The Empire State Building stood tall and strong, over a wounded and bewildered city, who’s beacon reminded us we will not falter.

To this day, The Empire State Building reminds of us of an era long ago, a rich history of an amazing city, an icon of an engineering marvel. It is a famous building, known throughout the world. The Empire State Building is one of the must see sites when visiting New York City.

Different Views of Manhattan and Beyond from The Empire State Building

Panoramic View from The Empire State Building
Panoramic View from The Empire State Building | Source
View from The Empire State Building
View from The Empire State Building | Source
From the Observation Tower of The Empire State Building you can get a 360 degree view
From the Observation Tower of The Empire State Building you can get a 360 degree view | Source
Night time view from The Empire State Building
Night time view from The Empire State Building | Source
A view of the Chrysler Building from The Empire State Building
A view of the Chrysler Building from The Empire State Building | Source

Interesting Stories About The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building has been around a long time, and has an interesting history to go along with its interesting architecture.

  • The Empire State Building was built on the closed Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The hotel ws bought for $20 million in 1928.

  • It cost $900,000 to demolish the hotel

  • a B-25 U.S. Army twin engine bomber crashed into the building between the 78th and 80th floor in fog on July 28, 1945. The crash made a hole in the building 18 feet wide, and killed 14 people. One of the plane’s engines fell down the elevator shaft which started a fire. It took 40 minutes to put out the fire. Firefighters were trying to rescue a woman using another elevator. But the cables broke and the elevator fell 75 floors. The woman survived and holds the record for surviving the longest elevator floor.

  • The observatory on the 86th floor opened in 1931
  • Since 1977, People have run up the 86 floors, a total of 1,050 foot stair climb of the Empire State Building for charity, called the Empire State Building Run Up.The race now raises money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
  • In 2003, Paul Crake climbed the stirs faster than anyone at the speed of 9 minutes, 33 seconds.

  • Since 1976 the top of The Empire State Building is lit up to commerate special occasions.

The Empire State Building Celebrates With Lights

The following is a list of the Empire State Building's annual lighting schedule, and the events.

On most nights of the year,The Empire State Building is lit up to commemorate national holidays,charity, the seasons. When the NY sports teams win important games, they light up the colors of the teams. In spring and fall when the birds are migrating, The Empire State Building does not light up because the birds become attracted to the lights.

The Empire State Building is Lit Up for Many Occasions

St. Patrick's Day March of Dimes Rainforest Awareness Earth Day
Presidents' Day Armed Forces Day Memorial Day Flag Day Independence Day Labor Day Veterans' Day
red, white, and blue
St. Valentine's Day Fire Department Memorial Day Big Apple Circus
Equal Parents Day, Children's Rights
red and blue
Spring - Easter Week
yellow and white
Israel Independence Day First Night of Chanukah
blue with white and blue
Police Memorial Day Child Abuse Prevention
Alzheimer's Awareness
purple and white
Portugal Day
red, yellow and green,
Stonewall Anniversary, Gay Pride
lavendar and white
National Osteoporosis Society
purple, teal, and white,
Pulaski Day Red Cross
red and white
Columbus Day
red white, and green
Greek Independence Day United Nations Day
blue and white
red and yellow
German Reunification Day
black, yellow, and red
Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer Awareness
pink and white
India Independence Day
green, white, and orange
Pakistan Independence Day
green and white
Holiday Season
red and green
"Day without Art/Night without Lights", AIDS Awareness
dark, no lights

The Empire State Building Lights Up for Many Occasions

The Empire State Building lit up
The Empire State Building lit up | Source

The Empire State Building Uses Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

The lights are changed at the upper portion of the spire,using 5 panes of flourescent light tubes that consist of 5 colors, yellow, red, green, white, and blue. ;

The colors are changed by turning a switch. On another part of the roof there are large white spotlights in metal frames;and large colored, disk like shaped gels of yellow, red,blue, green,pink orange , orange, purple and lavender that are placed into the frames.

The lights are titled towards the facade of the building which makes the colors project onto the building. The electricians in the building's handle all the color changes.

The Empire State Building is Not the Tallest Building in New York Anymore

The Empire State Building witnessed the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 in 2001,and became the tallest building in NYC, until May 1, 2012, as One World Trade Tower was being built on the spot the Twin Towers once stood.

The Empire State Building and Valentine's Day

Every year The Empire State Building hosts a Valentine’s Event

The Empire State Building Valentine's Day Weddings Event is held annually atop this famous building. Every year The Empire State Building holds a contest for 14 couples couples from all over the world to be chosen to get married on top of The Empire State Buiding. Applicants submit their personal stories of romance, photos and give reasons why they want their wedding ceremony to have their ceremony to be at The Empire State Building. Winners are chosen based on the creativity and originality of their stories, and the emotional connections they have to this building.

The Empire State Building is Featured in Many Movies

In 1933, the movie King Kong, which featured a gigantic ape standing on top of The Empire State Building. There were many, many films this building was featured in, here are some of the most well known movies, although there are many many more that what is listed here:

  • 1939 romantic drama Love Affair, along
  • 1957's An Affair to Remember
  • 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle all dealt with lovelorn couples meeting (or failing to meet) on the observation deck of the building.

King Kong and The Empire State Building

Sleepless in Seattle and The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a Role Model for other Buildings

The Empire State Building was constructed as an engineering marvel in 1931. Today, the innovation and technology continues, as the building undergoes a renovation project that will make the building more energy efficient. The retrofit has already saved over $2.4 million dollars in energy costs. According to the World Business Council, in the U.S. 40% of energy is used by buildings. In dense city settings, similar to NYC, commercial and office buildings account for about 75% of energy consumption. The Empire State Building is leading the way for other commercial buildings to follow this green energy model.

To build the Empire State building, it took 1 year and 45 days. To do the renovations to make it more energy efficient, it took 2 years.

If You Want to Visit The Empire State Building

If you would like to visit the Empire State Building, you can buy tickets to the Observation Deck. At the top of the Empire State Building, you will get a breathtaking panoramic view of NYC and beyond. There are 2 observation decks. One is an air terrace with an indoor viewing area, on the 86th floor where you will stand, 1,050 feet above the city. With high powered binoculars you can view the New York City skyline.

The 2nd observation area is on the 102nd foor, which is the highest public viewpoint in all of NYC. On a clear day, you can view New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Delaware.

Every year, approximately 4 million people visit these observation decks.

  • If you buy your ticket online you don’t have to stand in line to purchase it. You can buy an express ticket for a little more money that will allow you access to the front of the line. To find out about wait times, you can call The Empire State Building (212) 736-3100 or toll free (877) NYC-VIEW (877-692-8439).

You can also purchase a ticket for TheNew York SKYRIDE flight simulated ride around New York

The New York Skyride is located inside the 2nd floor of the Empire State Building. It is a 30 minute narrated adventure that uses an 18 foot HD screen to show you some of the most famous landmarks in the metropolitan area.

NYC Skyride in The Empire State Building

Empire State Bldg, 350 W 34th Street, near 5th Avenue

A markerempire state building -
Empire State Bldg, 350 W 34th St, Manhattan, NY 10001, USA
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Learn More About The Empire State Building

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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 5 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is great and exciting to me to read the history of “The Empire State Building” written so nicely. It is a befitting monument of architecture of NYC symbolizing the skill and greatness of the thinkers of the great Nation, a nation that has destined itself a model nation of the Globe to be learned to design to build the system of human culture to carry out the process of life with decency, beauty and pleasure.

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 5 years ago

      Hi Helen, Thanks for sharing your comments. You might enjoy my other hub called "Facts About The Empire State Building". There is so much to tell about this building, I had to make it a two-parter. I really appreciate up votes.

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 5 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      I am glad you enjoyed this hub. King Kong and the Empire State Building will live on in infamy. Thanks for the up votes and nice comments. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Wow! This is awesome. I always admired the Empire State Building but honestly didn't know half of what you have in this hub - wonderful! The plane crashing into it and the woman who survived the elevator drop are so scary - that has to be the main fear of anyone with a phobia about elevators!

      As to 9/11 - I don't come from the USA but the UK, but I wasn't the only one who had tears in their eyes when we saw this magnificent building was still standing!

      As to King Kong - I remember crying buckets when he got killed at the end of that silly black and white movie! Fay Wray's screaming got on my nerves, and being a horrible little girl, I hoped King Kong would find a way to shut her up!!!

      Anyway, fantastic and fascinating hub - voted up across the board + shared!!

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend, another great and well written hub on the Empire State Building . Enjoyed reading all the great information and facts about this building. King Kong loved the Empire State Building, but in the end it ended up taking his life.

      Vote up and more !!!


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