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More Of What Is Creativity

Updated on May 22, 2013

The Making Of Art

Creativity has to do with generating that which is original, new and unique for art and for business. The vitalizing properties of art include playfulness and play, form, materials and tools and process

as well as things that require thought and work. To play, to brainstorm and generate new ideas does have many meanings and definitions. To play can help you come up with new things to think and do. For example, to play some kind of game or role or to play a guitar or instrument or to play loose while being fast or playing up or down is some of the meanings and definitions of playing with purpose. To me to be playful is a kind of attitude with which one approaches others,

having a perspective of being playful. Often with the literature on play is mentioned the idea that children are often more open to discovery and wonder with play because restrictions were never put or placed on children. That maybe true for children although as an adult I love having a playful attitude. To get back that perspective of new discovery with painting or books or such art activities is both a goal and requirement. Imagination is one of the pre-requistites for this playful attitude that develops as one thinks of talking and playing to accomplish things with some others. Play is like the beginning of creating things, and doing brainstroming requires play and making associations for coming up with new ideas.

With writing and writing books such as I have done, being playful with certain poems can happen while allowing creativity and some kind of musing and imagination happen does make for playfulness with words. With imagination, one can escape time and place to some degree by venturing a little beyond to the unconscious that powerful source where imagination can reign. Certain things become noticeable with imagination and playfulness and would be of humor and that is awareness of contradictions and opposites. Somehow that can be very virtuous. Like seeing a painted clown that is beautiful and yet happy and sad @the same time

where the clown is both laughing and crying, perhaps reaching the heart, the real deep source for feelings. When one is very creative, you take the chance to guess anything, to be free of limit or restriction, to be daring or wild with creativity and come up with anything noteworthy.

Also certain aspects of space are to be thought of creatively where we live. Virginia Woolf's book, A Room Of One's Own is a book on creativity and about having a certain space to be and to work. An artist needs more than sitting space to make a place for doing and making of whatever certain variety one experiences. For example, even though I am finding I always need to pick up after myself and my work area gets papers everywhere and other things that need cleaning done, I always kind of know wherever my work items and certain things are that

I may need for living and for work.And when the clutter is all cleared, you can free up your mind for more productivity and brain storming. I always like some kind of background music on as well so that I can focus on writing and reading.

One of my primary childhood possessions was always books. I read many books growing up

when I was much younger. I remember reading Lassie Come Home, My Friend Flicka,
Robinson Cruso, Grimm's and Andersen's Fairy Tales, etcetera. Books were necessary things that I liked very much. These are the things I like most that have transcended into my adult life through college and graduate school. Books never talked negatively back at me, they didn't frighten me especially with whatever I was reading and they didn't cause me any pain. From some of my earliest experiences with books, I felt wonder and imagination and thought and thinking and I was always learning. The things books can do for you...they can be intimate, thoughtful, touching aspects to our lives. Books can deeply move you and inspire you to new heights and new beginnings! The things that books are, can make us see and touch the loves and concerns of life both real and imagined for those who know them well and value the intelligence and imagination that books were made for. The Way books are created may cause some enchantment as special things of beauty and craftsmanship. Books create memories and make us dream. Books can be everything to someone who has a personal library and loves to read! Books teach and instruct and show and tell how to do things. Books make the world a better place to live because they were created. Books are big business and publishing makes all kinds of money for people in that field. Writers love to write in order to create more books for new information and learning! O the wonders of books! And the dreams they hold. Our imaginations become inexhaustible when dealing with books! Books as things that transcend our personalities. Books even possess certain rights and our imaginations can be set on fire with the varieties of meaning books were made for. Personally I write poetry, spiritual memoirs and creative non-fiction so that sparks my imagination and learning and hopefully I will get paid for some of my writings and books that I make by writing. The word "poet" is Greek in origin, with that word being (poiein) which means simply "to make." So all artists are considered to be poets and supposedly all poets could be considered makers, makers of poems, makers of things like poems...

Next topic with this article for discussing are material goods and tools for the writer. Materials are on a different order than things. We live inextricably with a matrix of matter.Things are made from materials so that is more basic as a matter of fact! However, pens and certain kinds of paper, computers, phones, stamps are used utilitarian like by the writer. Materials don't fail because the artist decides upon the materials for projects that give assurance for further learning and and some kind of predictable process with the creation of new art. Certain kinds of fancy paper and certain pens can make the artist feel greater about working

and make the artist feel more important or necessary to her craft and art. That can create a deeply healing process.

Yet The Only Way a writer really develops his or her skills and talents @writing is by practicing and doing the art on a consistent or constant kind of basis and growing the career or experiences of writing and maybe preforming @local gatherings where the artist's work gains exposure and feedback. The role the process of creating art should be discussed here.

The conception or rather ideas of the writer is giftedness of the imagination. The process is the discipline of work that is manifested from these ideas, both uniquely and with credibility or intergrity. When the artist finishes the works and the quality is present in that work of art that gives a great boost to the self esteem of the writer. Tying in with further learning and development is the role the artist-instructor makes to explain the process of art and demonstrate the process of making art for the developing writer and artist.


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